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Welcome to Impactful Travel, a name that is as fresh as our perspective, yet backed by a team rich in experience and passion. Our story began in 2023, when Lydia and Karin of Encounter Latin America (ELA) reached out to Guido and Alex from RESPONSible Travel Peru (RESPONS). They shared a dream: to craft transformative journeys across Latin America that leave not just footprints but positive imprints on every destination visited.

Their vision was clear – each journey should be rooted in authentic experiences with local communities, underpinned by tangible, measurable sustainability. As Lydia aptly put it, “I could forge this path alone, but if you’re already carving this trail in Peru, why don’t we join forces?” Alex and Guido enthusiastically agreed, of course!

Thus, Impactful Travel was born – a testament to the power of collaboration and a shared commitment to sustainable tourism. Our mission is simple yet profound: empowering transformative journeys through sustainable and impactful travel experiences. We are committed to enriching lives – both for travelers and local communities in Latin America.

So, we invite you to read on and get to know us better. Discover our story, our purpose, and how we’re redefining travel one impactful journey at a time.

If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Learn everything about the founding partners:

Lydia Vereschildt is one of the founders of Impactful Travel; developing transformative journeys with a triple impact

Lydia Vereschildt is a visionary driven by the well-being of others. Her passion for sustainable tourism and local empowerment led her from The Netherlands to Ecuador. Lydia believes in travel as a force for good, creating WOW experiences that cultivate cultural and spiritual growth.


Meet Karin Deen. Over the past 25 years, her tireless work ethic and organisational talent transformed her company into a respected travel network across Latin America. Now, she’s using her expertise to make authentic, sustainable travel accessible, broadening Impactful Travel’s positive reach across the continent.

Guido assisting the locals in Vicos with opening the Pachamanca and gathering the freshly cooked potatoes. Community-Based Tourism in the Andes - RESPONSible Travel Peru

Guido van Es is a trailblazer in sustainable tourism. Known as “Mr. Van Excel,” he specializes in crafting unique itineraries in Peru, promoting community-based tourism since 2002. Guido’s passion for positive change and commitment to quality service have transformed lives of both travellers and local communities.

Alejandro Teus Honig, in short known as Alex, is one of the visionary founders of Impactful Travel, offering sustainable, transformative journeys in Latin America.

Alejandro Teus Honig is a visionary in responsible travel. Beginning his journey in Peru re-founding RESPONSible Travel Peru in 2010 with Guido, he became an advocate for local communities and small businesses. His innovative ideas infuse travel with adventure, cultural respect, and personal growth.

Let’s inspire a shift in how we travel. Embrace slow travel, a mindful approach that allows us to truly immerse ourselves in the heart of a country, savoring each moment. It’s about spending quality time with local communities, getting to know the people, their stories, and their way of life. At Impactful Travel, our mission is to bridge the gap between travelers and remote communities. We’re here to support local families and nurture cultural exchange, making every journey impactful. So, let’s dive deeper!

Our Philosophy

At Impactful Travel, we’re reshaping Latin American tourism to boost local economies while respecting the planet. Our mission is “Crafting sustainable, meaningful travel experiences that foster transformative journeys, enriching the lives of both travelers and local communities throughout Latin America”, respecting all facets of human relations and preserving our shared environment. We work hand-in-hand with local businesses, promoting fair trade and cultural identity.

From the moment you choose us, we’re committed to exceeding service expectations, focusing on meaningful experiences over price competition. Together, let’s tread the path towards sustainability, making each journey a step towards personal growth and societal betterment.

How It Started

Our story begins in 2009 when Guido, Alex, and Pablo saw a gap in long-term support for local communities in the tourism sector. Inspired by the Peruvian people, they founded RESPONSible Travel Peru, aiming to secure these communities’ continuing success through sustainable tourism. Over nearly 15 years, RESPONS grew into a respected nationwide tour operator, offering a range of sustainable experiences and earning rave reviews for our mindful approach.

In 2023, Lydia and Karin joined us, bringing fresh ideas and new destinations: marking the evolution of our brand into Impactful Travel. Together, we’re building a new chapter in mindful travel, rooted in the foundations of RESPONSible Travel Peru.

What We Do

Our approach to tourism is community-based, nurturing connections and cultural understanding. Our deep friendships with the local people enable us to provide unique, authentic experiences.

We revel in turning your wildest travel desires into reality and delight in planning extended trips. Whether you’re drawn to exotic cuisine, lengthy treks, immersing in Latino life, or a mix of all, we’re eager to make your sustainable travel dreams come true. With Impactful Travel, every journey contributes to personal growth and makes a real difference.

Who We Are

Every member of the Impactful Travel team has lived or resides in Latin America and has felt the authentic essence of being Peruvian, Ecuadorian or Costa Rican. Our strength lies in our diverse experiences, blending youthful energy with seasoned wisdom. We provide insider and outsider perspectives, across multiple disciplines. From your initial interaction with us, you’ll witness our deep knowledge about each destination. Ultimately, you’ll find that even in a distant land, you’re navigating as smoothly as a local.

Exciting to delve deeper into Impactful Travel! So, what’s next?

Naturally, you can keep exploring our blog for inspiration, learning more about us, our destinations, and our curated tours and itineraries.

If you’ve read enough and feel ready to embark on our life-changing travel journeys, there are two ways to proceed:

Let us Design your Custom Trip

This is what we’ve been doing for over a decade now, and we love it!

Our team of expert trip designers with vast knowledge of Peru and Ecuador, will get in touch with you and shape your dream itinerary: 100% personalized. We’ll put in our knowledge, experience and passion for sustainability; you’ll only have to set the framework within which we can do our magic. 

Directly book tours yourself

Based on our experience and our strong commitment to get more travelers to experience Community-Based Tourism in Peru, we now offer all travelers a selection of our experiences directly on our platform. Less customization options, but easy to book and still very authentic and unique!

Now adding new excursions in Ecuador, too! 

Responsible Travel Peru

About Impactful Travel's Logo

Our logo is so much more than just a design. It is a stylized representation of the quipu, an incredible ancient tool consisting of colorful strings and knots, and an iconic symbol of Andean civilizations. The natural colors of the Andes have been incorporated to enhance its beauty and significance.

Interestingly, the quipu was not only used in Peru, but it traveled through several Latin American countries. The quipucamayocs, who were the Tahuantinsuyo’s accountants, took quipus to court as official documentation of records. Think of it as a staple tool, similar to how we use cellphones for traveling nowadays!

The quipu’s complexity and flexibility allowed it to be easily adapted to any need, making it a clear parallel to our custom itineraries and the way we operate at Impactful Travel. Learn more about the quipus on Wikipedia.

Meet The Team

Agnes Moes

Agnes Moes

Sales Quality Control
Square photo of Alejandra Jimenez, Impactful Travel's Ecuador specialist

Alejandra Jimenez

Product Developer
Alex, alias Alejandro Teus Honig, co-founder of RESPONSible Travel Peru and Impactful Travel

Alejandro Teus Honig

Co-Founding Director

Annika Bergmann

Sales Manager & Travel Designer

Daniel Muñoz

Sustainability, Content and Communications
Guido van Es, co-founder of RESPONSible Travel Peru and Impactful Travel

Guido van Es

Founding Director

Indie Van Herzeele

Travel Designer

Julian Stivelman

Travel Designer

Karin Deen


Kevin Torbisco

Chief Treasurer

Maria Diener

Travel Designer

Melani Torres

Pablo, RESPONS co-founder always wearing his traditional Vicos hat

Pablo Tadeo

Patrick from Operations Team holding bow and arrow in Shipetiari, a Matsigenka native community in Manu - RESPONSible Travel Peru

Patrick Recharte

Operations Manager

Rene Vendrig

Travel Designer
Rosbert is an expert on the Manu destination | Responsible Travel Peru

Rosbert Challco

Operations Manager

Stephany Sanguineti

Sales and Marketing Assistant