Alejandro Teus Honig

Alex, alias Alejandro Teus Honig, co-founder of RESPONSible Travel Peru and Impactful Travel

Alejandro Teus Honig (Alex)

Co-Founding Director

About Alex

In 2002, when Alejandro Teus Honig first came to Peru, it quickly became clear that the country was gaining a very special place in his heart. And indeed: Alex happily ended up living here. But even after having settled in Peru with his beautiful family, and having teamed up with Guido and Pablo to power up RESPONS, he remained restless and curious about what else is out there waiting to be done.

It has been quite a journey starting with his initial contact with the culture of Titicaca, when he was trying to help out communities to improve their lives. Today, he is sharing his passion for traveling with others, as well as the willingness to leave a positive impact behind. This includes improving the socio-economic conditions of people living in Peru, like the ones he met in Titicaca. But it also includes the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of this country, a role that RESPONS takes very serious. 

During his long journey, Alex also became more spiritual and interested in connecting to his inner self.  Nevertheless, his mind will always be seeking change, improvement and novelty. He always tries to look for that when developing experiences and full holidays for all kinds of travelers.

“This country still inspires me, this is a place you never completely get to know. Come and get lost in Peru as I did.”

In 2023, Alex formed part of the conception of Impactful Travel together with Lydia, Karin and Guido. Impactful Travel will officially launch in 2024 and replace RESPONSible Travel Peru after 15 years!

Alejandro Teus Honig's Role

Co-Founding director: daily management, strategic decisions, processes, sustainability, product development, etc.

Q&A with Alex

What is your favourite quirk about Peru?

An unusual tradition of the island of Taquile is the “Sirvinacuy”: since the Inca period, it is customary that a young couple, before getting married, must live in the same house for a certain period of time, to test their ability to live together. In Taquile, the Sirvinacuy lasts 2 years! If at the end of these two years, the couple is still functioning, then the marriage can be celebrated. If, on the other hand, the couple gets bored before completing two years, no problem. Both of them will go on with their life on their own…

Why did you want to work for RESPONSible Travel Peru and why is sustainability important to you?

Working for RESPONS / Impactful Travel is a dream for me, as it gives me the opportunity to express my two passions: travelling and helping small businesses and local communities to be as successful as possible reaching the highest possible degree of sustainability.

What is your strategy to make sure your customers have peace of mind and feel safe?

You feel relaxed when you have a whole team behind you that deals with any questions or events that occur. Above all, one word that characterises us is empathy: your problems are our problems.