Lydia Vereschildt

Lydia Vereschildt is one of the founders of Impactful Travel; developing transformative journeys with a triple impact

Lydia Vereschildt


About Lydia Vereschildt

I was born in The Netherlands and have always been filled with a curiosity to explore other countries, cultures, and connect with different people. After traversing Asia, Africa, and South America, I made the decision to leave my homeland behind and settled in Ecuador. There, I established a travel company and a language school with a volunteering program. Through the profits generated by tourism, I was able to create opportunities to empower local initiatives.

The recent collaboration with my new business partners has given wings to my aspirations, resulting in the birth of Impactful Travel where my ultimate goal is to create unforgettable experiences that have a positive impact on our travelers, clients, providers, projects, environment, and ourselves.

Lydia's Role

To foster innovation, forge strategic partnerships, and ignite the team’s motivation

Q&A with Lydia

What is your favourite quirk about Ecuador?

The admirable Ecuadorian trait of always having time and embracing a relaxed approach to punctuality.

Why did you want to create Impactful Travel and why is sustainability important to you?

I am filled with immense gratitude and love for life as I have the opportunity to bring purpose to it. Crafting experiences that create a triple impact breathes meaning into my existence, empowering both vulnerable communities and environments alike.

What things do you do to make sure your customers have peace of mind and feel safe?

We, as a team, achieve this through our unwavering passion, attentive listening, treating each traveler as if they were our own family or friends, and above all, honesty. By connecting all the dots, we create an unforgettable and safe travel experience.