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Welcome to Impactful Travel’s Adventure Expeditions: Where Nature Meets Nurture

Step off the beaten path and into the wild with Impactful Travel’s Adventure and Hiking Tours. Our curated experiences in Peru and Ecuador are not just about conquering peaks or navigating trails; they’re about connecting with nature in a meaningful and sustainable way. Whether you’re trekking through the Andes with llamas or kayaking our lakes and seas, our tours are designed to challenge you physically while enriching you spiritually. We adhere to responsible travel practices, ensuring that our adventure tours contribute positively to environmental conservation and community well-being.

Embark on Adventure Tours with a Purpose

Ready to lace up your hiking boots? Browse our Adventure and Hiking Day Tours and Multi-Day Tours to find the trek that speaks to your soul. Let’s venture into the great outdoors and make every step count towards a more impactful journey.

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Our adventure tours in Peru will get your heart pumping! Whether you want to explore Peru paddling, cycling, hiking or even swimming, our Adventure Tours will bring you closer to the inhabitants of the coast, the mountains and the jungle. From the famous Inca Trail to our own routes to Machu Picchu, from kayaking at sea or on Lake Titicaca; there’s plenty of choice for all thrill seekers.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our Ecuador Adventure Tours. Explore the Andes’ hidden trails and the jungle’s untamed beauty through our sustainable hiking and biking adventures. We’re excited to soon present exhilarating water-based activities on the Galapagos, too! Our tours bridge the gap between travelers and local communities, fostering growth and positive impact.

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