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Welcome to Impactful Travel’s Nature Tours: A Symphony of Ecosystems

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural landscapes of Peru and Ecuador with Impactful Travel’s Nature Tours. Our curated experiences go beyond traditional wildlife spotting or scenic overlooks; they aim to deepen your understanding of the intricate ecosystems you explore. From the biodiverse Amazon Rainforest to the unique Galápagos Islands or even the coastal desert: each tour is designed to educate, inspire, and contribute to the conservation of these precious habitats. We adhere to responsible travel practices, ensuring that your journey is as enriching for the environment as it is for you.

Unveil Nature’s Secrets Responsibly

Eager to explore the natural world in a meaningful way? Dive into our Nature Day Tours and Multi-Day Tours to find the experience that resonates with your love for Mother Earth. Let’s journey through nature’s wonders while leaving a positive impact on the planet.

Beautiful colored black and yellow frog in the jungle of Tarapoto, Peru - RESPONSible Travel Peru

Our nature tours in Peru, unveil the hidden wonders of the towering Andes, the lush Amazon, and the vibrant coast. We elevate this experience with awe-inspiring trips across the diverse landscapes, from the driest deserts to the nicest mountains to the greatest of all rivers. Here, you’ll encounter unique flora and fauna that make of Peru their home. Come, explore the magical nature of Peru.

Our nature tours in Ecuador bring you to hidden, relatively unknown places in the wilds and jungles of Ecuador. We take this a step further, with incredible trips to the Galapagos Islands, offering you the chance to meet the uniquely adapted flora and fauna that call this fascinating archipelago home. Come explore Ecuador and the Galapagos!

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