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Uncover Impactful Travel’s hand-woven journeys. Our skilled travel artisans will weave together your travel aspirations and dream destinations, creating an adventure tapestry that’s uniquely yours.

Whether you wish to unravel the ancient architectural threads of Peru, delve into the vibrant cultural fabric of Ecuador, marvel at the unparalleled natural tapestry of the Galapagos, or embark on a multi-hued expedition to several places, we’ll help spin your travel wishes into tangible experiences. Beyond Peru and Ecuador, we’re adept at intertwining trips with other countries like Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

Step onto our loom of impactful, customized escapades and experience travel in its most authentic, adventure-stitched form. Immerse yourself in the colorful strands of local cultures and landscapes, creating transformative memories along the way. With Impactful Travel, you’re not just a tourist – you’re a mindful explorer weaving together personal growth and positive change. So, let’s start weaving your dream journey today!

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Beautiful local lady from Lake Titicaca with a colorful traditional weaving broom - RESPONSible Travel Peru

Build a custom trip to Peru and visit unforgettable sites like Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, and Lake Titicaca. With Impactful Travel, experience Peru’s wonders while embracing a journey that prioritizes sustainability and authentic engagement with local cultures.


From the awe-inspiring Galapagos Islands to the breathtaking Andes mountains, Ecuador is a wonderland of natural landscapes and cultural treasures. Travel with us to ensure your journey is not only immersive but also leaves a minimal footprint on this diverse paradise.

Ladies shopping for sustainable souvenirs in the shop supported by Inti Sisa, whilst on an Impactful Trip from Baños to Cuenca

Craft a multi-faceted adventure spanning Peru, Ecuador, and the Galapagos, or select a pair of destinations that appeals to you most. Impactful Travel ensures each leg of your journey is rooted in authenticity and sustainability – begin your dream adventure!

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