Melani Torres

Melani Torres


About Melani

I am a professional accountant who joined Impactful in 2015. I have been working in the accounting department ever since. Starting as an intern, I handled file closures, billing, and tax declarations to the tributes office. Though seemingly straightforward, my role demands patience and good humor to meticulously track invoices and ensure timely processing for file closures.
Working at Impactful is rewarding for me due to the company’s transparent financial practices, a value I deeply appreciate.

I also enjoy traveling a lot, both independently and whenever there is a company trip. I also love outdoor group activities, as well as occasions to go out for meals and celebrations.

Having been born and raised in a small town in Cusco, I know my country well as well as abroad, and that’s why I also understand passengers’ needs even though I do not deal with them directly. In my accounting duties, I interact daily with guides, drivers, agencies, hotels, or restaurants, and my knowledge of tourism in Peru is enriched not only through interactions with my office colleagues but also through my relationships with service providers throughout the country.