Indie Van Herzeele

Travel Designer

About Indie van Herzeele

Indie first came to Peru in 2013 to do an internship for six months for her studies in International Cooperation and Sustainable Development. Since her first day in Peru, she thoroughly enjoyed being in this beautiful country. Six months turned out not being enough to fully discover Peru, so she ended up staying a little longer and then a little longer… Once back in Europe, she started making concrete plans to return to Peru.

Since the beginning of 2015, Indie has lived and worked in Cusco, Peru. Besides her job in tourism, she is mainly focusing on her volunteer work at a local NGO that works with disadvantaged children.

Even after all these years in Peru, there are still so many places in Peru that she wants to discover. She always enjoys meeting new people and traveling around in close contact with the locals. She is convinced that this way she can get to know the real Peru that is so much more than Machu Picchu alone. While she certainly enjoys visiting the real highlights of Peru, she gets the most satisfaction from discovering hidden gems and roaming off the beaten track together with her husband and dog.

Indie's Role

Travel Designer

Q&A with Indie

What is your favourite quirk about Peru?

Soft drinks are often consumed in Peru, but even more popular than Coca Cola is their own Inca Kola: a bright yellow drink that some people love, especially when they have a typical meal at an outdoor restaurant called a ‘’quinta’’. But I think it tastes like super sweet bubble gum. After all these years I’ve gotten used to the taste, but it will never become my favourite drink. I prefer a fresh Chicha Morada, another typical drink from Peru prepared with purple corn, yummy!

Why did you want to work for Impactful Travel and why is sustainability important to you?

I have always traveled a lot and I really enjoy getting to know new cultures and amazing new places. With my own travel experience and language skills I quickly found a job in the travel sector in Peru. However, as a traveler I have always been aware of the impact I have on a country and its inhabitants. I am convinced that leaving an impact as positive as possible on the country you’re traveling to is very important. RESPONSible Travel Peru had the same ambition and continues that under he new name Impactful Travel. I believe sustainable travel is the future of the global travel industry!

What is your strategy to make sure your customers have peace of mind and feel safe?

I look at each travel request separately and tailor the travel proposal completely to the traveler’s own wishes and preferences, while I am also honest about the possibilities within Peru. Any question about the traveler’s journey to Peru is welcome and will be answered, not only before the trip but also during the trip itself.