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Embrace the transformative power of custom travel with Impactful Travel, formerly known as RESPONSible Travel Peru. For over 15 years, our team has been passionately crafting unique Peru trip itineraries and each member of our team lives or has lived extensively in Peru, learning about its culture, its people, and its enchanting natural world. For more inspiration before planning your custom Peru itinerary, read our Peru Destination Guide.

Authentic Peru Trip Itineraries

From your first interaction with us, you’ll gain access to our collective knowledge and experience about special places and people in Peru.

We’re here to ensure your travel desires blend seamlessly into an innovative itinerary that flows effortlessly, respects your well-being (and budget), and allows you to experience Peru authentically. If you haven’t yet settled on a destination, you might also like to consider our Ecuador Custom Itineraries or the brand new Costa Rica Pop-up trips.

With Impactful Travel, you’ll find yourself immersed in a faraway country, yet traveling as fluently as a local. Our commitment to a personalized service and sustainable tourism practices ensures the best travel experience for you. Find out more about us and please get in touch if you have any questions. We believe that every journey holds the potential for personal growth and makes a difference. So, let’s build your trip in Peru, and let’s make travel more meaningful together!

Why Choose a Custom Peru Trip?

As you plan your next adventure, it can be difficult to make big decisions about the form your experience will take. You should choose Impactful Travel’s customized Peru trip planner if you have the following desires:

    • To experience authentic places in Peru that veer off the beaten path.
    • To visit different destinations in Peru while avoiding all of the stressful planning and logistics that come with such a trip. Let us help you have an epic trip without the epic effort on your part.
    • To meet the incredible local people, not just hotel concierges and tour guides.
    • To ensure that the money you spend benefits the local people.

In the end, our travel itineraries are carefully crafted, considering acclimatization to altitude and a well-balanced distribution of unique activities.
It’s also worth noting that slow travel significantly benefits the destination.

How Custom Trips Work with Impactful Travel?

A Personalized Approach for Discerning Travelers on Trips of Six Days or More

At Impactful Travel, every custom journey is a personalized approach designed for discerning travelers. That’s you! We are designing this next tour just for you. There are so many unknowns when traveling, so we have written this guide you’re reading so that you can understand exactly what to expect.

We understand that seeking a custom trip means looking for an experience that aligns perfectly with your dreams, interests, and budget. That’s why we’ve perfected our process to ensure that every inquiry is handled with the dedication and focus you deserve.

We Start with a Qualification Questionnaire — Before we dive into designing your perfect Peru trip, we invite you to complete a brief questionnaire. This initial step helps us better understand your preferences and expectations.

Additionally, after sending the questionnaire you have the chance to Schedule a Free Consultation — After evaluating your responses, we will offer you a free optional 15-minute consultation with one of our travel experts. This conversation is an opportunity for us to delve deeper into your interests and refine your vision of the ideal personalized Peru trip.

Afterwards, we will send a first preliminary overview plan. This will highlight our personalized approach.

Adjustments and revisions: After receiving your feedback on the first overview plan, we will adjust the proposal according to your preferences and send you a revised version if necessary. This process remains free, ensuring your satisfaction with the proposed travel plan.

USD$100 Deposit — For those ready to take the next step, we will request a deposit of USD$100. This act of commitment allows us to dedicate significant resources to planning your custom trip, ensuring that our attention is focused on creating the perfect experience for you. This deposit will be deducted from the final cost of your trip.

Your Final Peru Itinerary — Our team will get to work designing every detail of your trip, using all of the insight gained from the questionnaire and the consultation. We aim to exceed your expectations and to offer flexibility to make adjustments. While perfection is seldom attainable with travel — we try our best to ensure that your personalized Peru trip is as close to perfection as possible.

Each step is designed to bring you closer to the Peru trip of your dreams, with the flexibility and personalized attention you deserve. If you have any questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. And read our excellent reviews if you’d like a little more inspiration!

Example Peru Travel Itineraries

Some of the custom Peru travel plans we crafted for others: us them as inspiration or book directly!
  • Moray terraces with backlight | Impactful Travel Peru
    Combine highlights with authentic experiences

    Active and Immersive 7-Day Peru Trip

    7 Days, 6 Nights
    Availability : March-January
    Embark on a 7-day immersive journey through Peru’s stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, including authentic experiences with the local population, en route to breathtaking Machu Picchu.
  • Car driving by lamas and alpacas in the Andes - Road Trip - Impactful Travel Peru
    The perfect self-drive adventure

    Southern Peru Road Trip: A Different Kind of Journey

    19 Days, 18 Nights
    Availability : April-December
    The perfect Road Trip through Peru! A self-drive adventure to remote communities and Peru's highlights.
  • Kuelap's slim entrance in a yellowish rock wall that seems to be infinite along the mountain ridge | Impactful Travel Peru
    Routes to discover

    Searching for the Lost Kingdom of the Chachapoyas

    7 Days 6 Nights
    Availability : from April to October
    After this trip you will never see Peru in the same way. The Chachapoyas culture and its former kingdom is something not to miss.
  • The Gocta falls (Chachapoyas) from a distance. Sustainable tourism in Peru with Impactful Travel Peru
    Meet the "other" Peru

    Exploring Northern Peru’s Spectacular Wonders

    25 Days, 24 Nights
    Availability : All year
    Embark on an extraordinary journey to discover the rarely seen wonders of Northern Peru with our impactful expedition
  • You could soon be sailing the waters of Lake Titicaca in a traditional sailboat with Impactful Travel Peru!
    Packed with authentic experiences

    Impactful Peru Trip in 11 Days

    11 Days, 10 Nights
    Availability : March-January
    Experience authentic and responsible travel in Peru in just 11 days! Explore Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and Lake Titicaca with our expertly crafted itinerary designed for […]
  • Travelers and locals playing volleyball together on a visit to the floating Uros Titino islands at Lake Titicaca - Impactful Travel Peru
    A slow, local experience

    Peru the Local Way: Impactful’s Signature Trip

    19-23 Days, 18-22 Nights
    Availability : April-December
    This slow & varied itinerary packs some of our best Community-Based Tourism products into a 23-day experience that will create life-lasting memories.
  • Machu Picchu on a cloudy day and Urubamba river | Impactful Travel Peru
    not just a bucket-list trip

    Impactful Travel’s Highlights Trip through Peru

    20 Days, 19 Nights
    Availability : April through December
    Embark on a transformative 20-day journey through Peru's highlights with Impactful Travel. Explore ancient ruins, connect with local communities, and make a lasting impact.

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