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Special experiences in fascinating locations in Ecuador!

All our day tours in Ecuador have been selected with passion and care to give you a wide choice of unique short experiences that will bring you closer to the Ecuadorian people. Each excursion also adds a positive impact to the destination visited!

If you’re crafting your own Ecuador itinerary, you can feel free to choose as many of these day tours as you’d like. Check out our city tours to explore more of our most popular urban areas, or get out into nature with our Ecuador Adventure Tours!

We keep adding more options to our selection of Ecuador sightseeing tours, so feel free to check back for more options soon! Or get in touch if you’re looking for a particular destination or trip; we might have something available behind the scenes… And if you’re looking for a longer experience, consider our exciting Multi-day Tours in Ecuador.

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Explore the streets of Ecuador's Capital on foot, on our Quito Walking Tour | Impactful Travel
Explore Quito... Impactful Style

Quito Walking Tour

3.5 Hours
Availability : Year round
Join us on our Quito Walking Tour and explore the capital of Ecuador whilst leaving a positive impact!
Travelers snorkeling with a breathtaking backdrop during the Isla de la Plata Tour in Ecuador with Impactful Travel
Join scientists for a day

Whale Watching in Puerto Lopez: Isla de la Plata Tour

7 Hours
Availability : Year Round
Our Isla de la Plata Tour is a great, ecological alternative to the Galapagos islands; even when it's not whale season!
Taste the Street Food Flavors of Quito!

Quito Food Tour by Night

2-3 Hours
Availability : All year round (Apr-Dec preferably)
This is not a typical street food tour! Learn about Quito's history and culture whilst discovering Ecuadorian gastronomy.
Panoramic view from the top of the Mitad del Mundo monument right on the Equatorial line. | Impactful Travel
Uncover Ecuador's Equatorial Mysteries

Mitad del Mundo Tour – Impactful Style

4 Hours
Availability : Year Round
Learn how indigenous tribes related to the equatorial line and take part in mind-boggling experiments!
Enjoy the famous Pambamesa feast!

Kushiwaira Community Day – Explore Ecuador’s hidden gem

Full Day
Availability : Year Round
Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of the Kushiwaira Community. Explore unique trails, learn local customs, and enjoy a communal Pambamesa meal.
The amazing Pailón del Diablo waterfall can be visited on Impactful Travel's Alternative Baños Waterfall Tour from Tena to Baños.
Leave an impact before the fun!

From Tena to Baños – an alternative Baños Waterfall tour

Full Day
Availability : Year Round
The best way to travel from Tena to Baños; learning, getting inspired and leaving a positive impact before the waterfall fun begins!
Volunteer for a day at the Yanacocha Animal Rescue Center in Puyo, Ecuador. | Impactful Travel
Make a small big difference

Volunteer for a Day: Ecuador Wildlife Rescue Center

Full Day
Availability : Year Round
Join us for an enriching journey into the Ecuadorian Amazon. Volunteering for a day is a great way to contribute to the rescue and rehabilitation of endangered species. […]
The best way to get to know the city

Cuenca Walking Tour: a Journey of Culture and Purification

4 Hours
Availability : Year Round
The Cuenca Walking Tour enables you to get to know Cuenca by the hand of a Cuencano and even finish off with a purification ritual!
Dante Bolcato, owner of the Palo Santo Factory in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador, is blowing into a pile of burning Palo Santo wood | Impactful Travel
Smells like a great tour!

Sustainable Palo Santo Factory Tour: Ecuador’s Sacred Wood

3-4 Hours
Availability : Year Round
Take this surprising and inspiring factory visit with an English-speaking guide, and make the most out of your visit to Puerto López!
Weave your Way around San Pablo Lake

Meet the Andean Condor and visit a Weaving Workshop in San Pablo

3-4 Hours
Availability : Year Round
Share a weaving morning with lovely families at one side of the San Pablo lake, and visit a bird rescue center on the other side! All on one […]
Hikers paradise

Hiking El Cajas National Park

Full Day (hike 5-6 h)
Availability : Year-round
El Cajas National Park is perfect for nature lovers and adventure seekers looking to explore one of Ecuador's hidden gems.
Unearth the secrets of Andean cuisine

Deliciously Authentic Cooking Class in Otavalo

4 Hours
Availability : Year Round
Embark on a culinary journey with our Authentic Cooking Class in Otavalo. Guided by Claudia, our local chef, you'll prepare traditional Andean dishes using garden-fresh ingredients. This is […]

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