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Explore Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Archipelago!

Welcome to Impactful Travel’s destinations page: Your gateway to the world through a lens of sustainable tourism. If you’ve loved our enlightening journeys with RESPONSible Travel Peru, we’ve got exciting news for you! We’re expanding our horizons to include even more captivating destinations, starting with the culturally rich and biodiverse nation of Ecuador, including the awe-inspiring Galapagos Islands.

At Impactful Travel, we’re not just about seeing new places; we’re about experiencing them in a way that respects and enriches both the traveler and the host community. We aim to create meaningful connections, foster personal growth, and contribute positively to the local environments we visit.

Below, you’ll find buttons leading you to our carefully curated Peru Tours, our Ecuador Tours, Costa Rica Tours, and our Galapagos Island Tours. Each tour is designed with sustainability and impactful experiences at its heart. So, whether you’re drawn to the Andean peaks of Ecuador, the unique wildlife of the Galapagos, or the ancient wonders of Peru, your journey toward transformative travel begins here. Let’s make a difference together! If you have any questions about our admittedly huge range of tours and experiences, please get in touch

Peruvian man wearing colorful typical clothes in the authentic Andean village of Huacahuasi, lares, Peru | Impactful Travel Peru

Discover Peru with Impactful Travel, your guide to authentic and immersive experiences. Since 2009, we’ve journeyed from the northern jungles to the southern Andean peaks, crafting unique tours that connect travelers with local communities. In Peru, every path leads to discovery – ancient Incan ruins, vibrant markets, diverse wildlife, and heartwarming hospitality. Join us and explore Peru in a way that’s sustainable, transformative, and deeply meaningful. Your unforgettable Peruvian adventure awaits!

The achimamas, midwives, welcoming visitors to their Amupakin center to teach and share their wisdom about childbirth with ancient techniques and medicinal plants. | Impactful Travel in Ecuador

Embark on a transformative journey to Ecuador & The Galapagos with us. Our team, with 25 years of experience in this magical land, is eager to share their deep knowledge and passion. We’ll guide you beyond the typical tourist routes to hidden gems, welcoming families, and special projects dear to our hearts. Experience the breathtaking diversity, vibrant cultures, and unique wildlife of Ecuador while making a positive impact. Let’s explore Ecuador & The Galapagos together in a meaningful and sustainable way!

Hop on our yellow bus (or rather, into your rent-a-car) for an authentic journey through Costa Rica! We offer intimate, immersive experiences that connect you with the heart of local communities we’ve personally vetted. With us, you’re not just a traveler, but a participant in a transformative adventure. Embrace this chance to make a difference and grow as you explore the wonders of Costa Rica.

New destinations
Lady at the market of Calca selling guinea pigs | Impactful Travel Peru

Exciting news, fellow explorers! After our transformative journeys through Peru and Ecuador, we’re now handpicking new destinations. Imagine us at a bustling Andean market, eyeing a vibrant array of guinea pigs, each as diverse and captivating as Latin America’s countries. Selecting the next Impactful Travel’s Destinations feels just as intriguing! Stay tuned as we unveil our new sustainable travel adventures soon. Together, let’s continue making travel Impactful.

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