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Multi-Day Experiences in Peru

Uncover the wonders of Peru!

Explore our curated collection of multi-day tours in Peru, meticulously crafted by us and our partners exclusively for our platform.

Each tour is designed to offer an immersive and personalized experience for you while positively impacting the local destinations. Our tours also provide opportunities to tailor the experience to your specific preferences.

For a worry-free travel experience, consider visiting our Custom Itineraries Section, where we expertly handle every detail of your journey from start to finish. With over a decade of experience crafting bespoke travel itineraries in Peru, we offer endless possibilities to surprise and inspire you!

We’re continually adding itineraries to our selection, so check back for more options soon!

Or get in touch if you’re looking for a particular destination or trip – we might have something available behind the scenes. 

Multi-Day Peru Tours & Activities by Destination:

Agnes on the canopy bridge, on her way to joining the birds in the treetops. | Amazon tours with Impactful Travel

Immerse yourself in the enchanting Amazon with our Peru tours. From Iquitos to Manu, each journey is an invitation to explore, learn, and connect. Marvel at unique wildlife, from playful river dolphins to tiny Leoncito Monkeys, and engage with locals who’ll share their stories and traditions. At Impactful Travel, we believe in more than just visiting places—we inspire you to truly experience them. Embark on a transformative adventure with us!

Horseriding through the terraces of the Colca Canyon with volcanoes on the background, as part of a homestay programme with RESPONSible Travel Peru

Discover the awe-inspiring Colca Canyon with our transformative tours. Twice the depth of the Grand Canyon, this Peruvian wonder offers more than stunning views. Delve into local life, share meals and stories with welcoming families, and witness the power of community-based tourism. At Impactful Travel, we don’t just visit places, we connect, learn, and grow. Embark on a journey that’s about more than sightseeing—it’s about making a difference. Join us!

Hiking an Inca Road to Machu Picchu - Coffee Route - RESPONSible Travel Peru

Experience the magic of Peru with our multi-day Cusco tours. Choose from thrilling treks like the unique Coffee Route to Machu Picchu, or explore traditional highlights with our 4-day program. Craving something different? Venture off-the-beaten-path on our exclusive multi-active tour. At Impactful Travel, we offer more than just a trip – our journeys inspire personal growth and create meaningful connections. Immerse yourself in the spirit of Peru, and let your travels make a difference!

Sunrise above Lake Titicaca - RESPONSible Travel Peru

Experience the wonder of Lake Titicaca with our immersive multi-day tours. Connect with local communities, journey across scenic landscapes, and paddle traditional reed boats or Polynesian canoes. At Impactful Travel, we believe in exploring beyond the usual routes. We’ll guide you to lesser-known communities, where you can learn age-old traditions firsthand. Our tours aren’t just about sightseeing—they’re about creating meaningful, sustainable connections. Discover the transformative power of travel with us at Lake Titicaca!

Machu Picchu on a cloudy day and Urubamba river | RESPONSible Travel Peru

Experience Machu Picchu like never before with our guided tours. Beyond just ticking off a bucket-list item, we invite you to immerse yourself in local communities, share stories with coffee farmers and leave a positive footprint. With Impactful Travel, you don’t just visit, you connect and grow. Our journeys offer more than just sightseeing—they create impactful experiences. Let’s craft your custom trip to this extraordinary Peruvian gem together! Join us in making travel meaningful.

A restoration or reconstruction of a typical Chachapoya precinct inside Kuelap | RESPONSible Travel Peru | RESPONSible Travel Peru

Embark on an adventure through Northern Peru’s extraordinary landscapes with our multi-day tours. From the Amazon Rainforest’s lush greenery to the towering Andes and the tranquil Pacific Coast, every destination offers a unique experience. Hike the mountains of Huaraz, explore archaeological wonders around Trujillo and Chiclayo, traverse Tarapoto and Iquitos’ jungles, and uncover the intriguing charm of Chachapoyas—our favorite Peruvian gem. Dive into this diversity and create unforgettable memories!

The view of the Huayopata valley after leaving behind the Abra Málaga mountain pass (before getting to the Coffee Route) - RESPONSible Travel Peru

Venture beyond the beaten path with our Sacred Valley Tours. Immerse yourself in Peru’s rich history, vibrant cultures, and breathtaking landscapes. Our tours are more than just sightseeing—they’re a gateway to transformative experiences that connect you deeply with local communities. Discover the true essence of the iconic Sacred Valley, and let these enriching encounters inspire personal growth and meaningful impact. Embrace the journey with Impactful Travel.

Hiking through the desert of Ica to Lake Morón - RESPONSible Travel Peru

Discover the untold wonders of Southern Peru with our multi-day tours. Whether you seek adventure or tranquility, want to engage with local communities, or learn a new skill, Southern Peru is your perfect canvas. Our tours weave together popular destinations and hidden gems, creating experiences that inspire personal growth and make a positive impact. Come, embrace the transformative power of travel with us and leave a lasting footprint in Peru’s heart.

Popular Multi-Day Tours in Peru

Browse all our multi-day tours and book your whole trip with Impactful Travel!

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The traveler carrying his sand plate from the top of Cerro Blanco | Responsible Travel Peru
Active and Unique

On top of the Nazca desert

4 Days, 3 Nights
Availability : All year round
A demanding trekking in the Nasca desert with spectacular views and many cultural surprises. Enjoy a unique and challenging terrain!
Sloth hanging upside down from a branch| Responsible Travel Peru
Unveil the Amazon

Sweet Iquitos Rainforest

4 Days 3 Nights
Availability : All year round (Apr-Dec preferably)
This is an extended package of our Welcome to the Jungle tour, adding adventure and community-based activities.
Hiking an Inca Road to Machu Picchu - Coffee Route - RESPONSible Travel Peru
The most active version!

Adventurous Coffee Route Hike to Machu Picchu

4 days, 3 nights
Availability : April-December
Discover the upper jungle around Machu Picchu in a sporty way. Come with RESPONS on this extraordinary excursion where sport meets culture.
Child Matsiguenga posing for our photographer | Responsible Travel Peru
Once in a lifetime adventure

Exploration to the heart of the Manu National Park

6 Days 5 Nights
Availability : From April to November
Experience the Manu National Park, including contact with the Matsigenka native community, expert hunters and connoisseurs of the medicinal secrets of Amazonian plants.
The social project

Easy expedition to the Tambopata Jungle

4 Days, 3 Nights
Availability : April-December
Discover the fascinating jungle of Tambopata, without blowing your budget, while supporting a local orphan child protection project!
Lake Morón in the desert by Ica is a true hidden gem and makes for a wonderful hike through the desert - RESPONSible Travel Peru
Active and Unique Expedition

Quick magical desert experience

2 Days, 1 Night
Availability : All year round
Get to know Peru's less-known, but not less wonderful, desert and spend an unforgettable camping night there.
Huampococha Lodge - Ausangate Trek - Responsible Travel Peru
Comfortable and sustainable!

Ausangate Lodge to Lodge Trek

5 Days 4 Nights
Availability : All year round (Apr-Dec preferably)
Hike with lamas on a five-day breathtaking lodge to lodge trek to the Ausangate Mountain
People enjoying local food
Young ones will love it!

Family Adventure Days in Tambopata

4 Days, 3 Nights
Availability : All year round (Apr-Dec preferably)
Traveling to Tambopata with the family will be a valuable and meaningful adventure unlike any other in all sorts of ways!
Alternative to the Inca Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu - Coffee Route - RESPONSible Travel Peru
Our most popular tour!

Coffee Route to Machu Picchu

3 days, 2 nights
Availability : April-December
Discover the coffee region behind Machu Picchu by the hand of welcoming families. Three days full of nature, culture, gastronomy and adventure.
Support local orphaned children!

Quick and Easy Expedition to the Tambopata Jungle

3 Days, 2 Nights
Availability : April-December
Explore the fascinating jungle of Tambopata in only three days, while supporting a local protection project for orphaned children.
Colorful local men from Taquile island playing traditional instruments. Travel deeper with RESPONSible Travel Peru
Titicaca's Best Buy!

Lake Titicaca with homestay on Taquile island

2 Days 1 Night (extendable +1)
Availability : All year round
Discover Lake Titicaca in an authentic way on the lesser visited Taquile island, spending time with a family that will share their ancestral culture with you.
Speed ​​boat navigating the Tambopata rivers
Glide into the Wild

Navigate the Tambopata National Reserve Rivers

5 Days, 4 Nights
Availability : All year round (Apr-Dec preferably)
Glide through the calm, protected waters of Tambopata Reserve in the southern jungle of Peru as you enjoy the breathtaking views!
Alternative Cordillera Blanca Experience

Cordillera Blanca Trek – Vicos to Ishinca

9 Days, 8 Nights
Availability : April-November
Get to know an alternative trek through the Cordillera Blanca far away from the crowds, while meeting a local community as well!
Tapir Tambopata
The most remote lodge

Tracing Wildlife in Tambopata National Reserve

5 Days, 4 Nights
Availability : All year round
This tour takes you to the only lodge that is located inside of the Tambopata National Reserve. Spotting rare animals is highly likely here!
Sunrays meeting lagoon and surrounding vegetation - RESPONSible Travel Peru
Hidden gem in the North

Horseback Riding to the Black Pearl of the Chachapoyas – The Condors’ Lagoon

4 Days, 3 Nights
Availability : April throught November
Discover the Condor Lagoon (black pearl of the Chachapoya), a hidden gem in the midst of the cloudforest in Northern Peru!
and Learn Traditional Crafts!

Connect with the Heart of Amazonian Culture

4 Days, 3 Nights
Availability : April to November
Embark on a natural exploration and connect with several families of San Roque de Cumbaza for a truly unique experience.
Way off the beaten path

River and Mountain Expedition in the Valley of the ‘Talking God’

2 Days, 1 Night
Availability : April-December
Go rafting, bridge jumping, biking, camping, hiking, and swimming on a 2-day off-the-beaten-path multi-activity tour near the Apurimac River.
Victoria amazonica plants are aquatic vegetation that cover the water surface in spectacular displays | Responsible Travel Peru
Short but Unforgettable Tour

Welcome to the Jungle…of Iquitos

3 Days 2 Nights
Availability : All year round (Apr-Dec preferably)
Immerse yourself in this experience, navigate the Amazon River, and observe a variety of native flora and fauna in Peru's biggest rainforest.
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