Julian Stivelman

Julian Stivelman

Travel Designer

About Julian

I’m originally from Argentina, and currently embracing a semi-nomadic lifestyle, dividing my time between Costa Rica and various corners of the globe.

From my early years, a profound attraction to wildlife has fueled my curiosity. The spark ignited during my first backpacking journey to Cuba, evolving into a profound fascination with the diverse ways in which humans shape their lives. Since that transformative experience, I’ve maintained a perpetual quest for moments that quicken my heartbeat. Over the past four years, I’ve intertwined my passion for travel with my professional pursuits, concentrating on curating and leading distinctive experiences in some of the world’s most hidden and enchanting destinations.

Julian's Role

Travel Designer

Q&A with Julian

What is your favourite quirk about Costa Rica?

Costa Rica holds a special place in my heart; it feels like home. The vibrant pulse of the jungle envelops you, creating an immersive experience like no other. The Pacific Coast sunsets and the daily symphony of howling monkeys greeting the dawn form the essence of where I belong. Costa Rica, with its abundant adventure possibilities and vast array of ecosystems, beckons exploration. The allure of tropical fruits, the rhythmic cadence of morning surfing, and the blessings of coexisting with natural wildlife constitute the ingredients of my happiness.

Why do you enjoy creating Impactful Travel itineraries and why is sustainability important to you?

I firmly believe that tourism possesses the potential to be a substantial force for good, benefiting both local communities and the environment. However, this power also entails a significant responsibility, as its impact can be either detrimental or constructive, depending on how the activity is planned and executed. As curious beings with the desire to know the world that we live in, it is imperative not to overlook the direct consequences our actions can have, underscoring the importance of our role as custodians of the planet. Personally, I take pleasure in championing sustainable tourism practices, confident that when executed thoughtfully, they have the capacity to enhance the well-being of all stakeholders involved—wildlife, local communities, and tourists alike.

What is your strategy to make sure your customers have peace of mind and feel safe?

I consider communication to be the linchpin in my approach. The ability to grasp the needs, expectations, and desires of my guests empowers me to step into their shoes, fostering a collaborative process to craft a bespoke adventure that aligns seamlessly with their aspirations.