Agnes Moes

Agnes Moes


Sales Quality Control

About Agnes

When traveling through the country at the beginning of 2011, Agnes lost her heart not only to Guido, but also to Peru. Soon after, she decided to trade her life in the Netherlands, situated below sea level, for a life up in the Peruvian Andes. The next thing she remembers well is Guido showing her, all the corners of the country, where they were heading to work on their collaboration with local communities. 

Whether they were traveling by public transportation (from rickety overcrowded minibuses to the back of any random truck), on the back of an off-road motorcycle or by tracking for days… Agnes didn’t really bother: she wanted to see and experience it all. From the coast through the Andes until deep into the Amazon rainforest: she became more and more fascinated by Peru’s people, culture, smells and colors.

After a couple of wonderful years living in the Andes, the desire for a destination closer to home arose, and so she moved back to Europe in 2015, not leaving Guido behind. She still dedicates her time to RESPONS and whenever there’s a chance to be in Peru for a certain period of time, she takes that opportunity! She is always in for being with her colleagues again and for exploring new destinations and experiences.

Thanks to her two studies in tourism, experience with guiding trips in Peru, and the eagerness to work with people and make sure they have the time of their lives, she is a great creator of​ ​original ​​tailor-made​ ​trips to Peru. Everyone should experience what this unique destination has to​ ​offer!

Agnes' Role

Sales Quality Control

Q&A with Agnes

What is your favourite quirk about Peru?

That would be eating guinea pig (a very traditional feast meal), and the way it’s showcased on plates, complete with head and all. Gives me goosebumps 😉

Why did you want to work for Responsible Travel Peru and why is sustainability important to you?

I was forced into it, haha! No, I started helping out with voluntary tasks first and rolled into the sales team quite fast afterwards.

Traveling is wonderful, it sets your mind free. But doing it the right way is tough for many people. As long as we can give them tools for their impact to be as positive as possible in the destination, the outcome of traveling is so much better. Not only for the traveler, but especially for the locals, their habitat and well being.

What is your strategy to make sure your customers have peace of mind and feel safe?

Get into the details, be profound, don’t skip any questions they might have. Doing so with a personal, informal approach helps them to feel at ease and in good hands.