Terms & Conditions


The price is in U.S. dollars because this is the most used currency in the tourism sector. You can pay us in several currencies but the price in USD is always the base and binding. What you pay us in another currency, may therefore change due to variations in the exchange rate, especially for your second payment.

Prices of Peru tours are based on Peru’s “Services Export Laws”, which means that tourists do not need to pay part of the added value taxes. For some trips, this lowers the price considerably. However, it is only valid for temporary stays of less than 60 days in Peru, which we need to prove to the Peruvian Tax Authority by delivering a copy of each traveler’s passport (accompanied by a form with your Date of Entry, which we will take care of). Please make sure you send us the passport copy or photo before your trip: otherwise we will have to ask you to pay more sales taxes (Late Charge). If your entry date doesn’t match the first day of the itinerary we made for you or (part of) your party doesn’t comply with these rules, please inform us before booking. We need to know your exact Date of Entry.


For tours directly booked on our online platform, the payment is 100% beforehand, to confirm the booking. The payment is automated through an online platform accepting most major payment methods.

For those that book longer itineraries (more than six days), a pre-payment of 25% of the land-based package is requested to confirm the reservation. On top of that, the costs for the domestic flight(s) should be paid 100% in advance, upon confirmation of your reservation (without this prepayment we can not proceed with the booking of your flight(s)). You can of course also book the domestic flight(s) on your own; in this case the prepayment for flights does not apply. Please note that we can´t assist with any issues concerning flights that haven´t been booked by us.

Payments for longer itineraries are done by bank transfer to (local) accounts in most currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, SGD, AUD, etc). The transfer costs are to be covered by the traveler; for mosts of you this is a local transfer so generally free or very low-cost. If other payment methods are preferred, this can be arranged at an additional cost. Please inform with your travel designer.

At least 35 days before arrival, we ask you to pay the rest of the total amount. Please note that the USD price prevails; if the exchange rate to your preferred currency has changed, your outstanding payment will also change.

Should you wish that we book other tickets well ahead for you to ensure availability (for example Inca Trail tickets in Peru) and the prepayment does not cover the amount for that, we might have to raise the prepayment amount. Your trip designer will inform you in detail about your options.

Not included

Items not specifically indicated as included, are generally not included. Examples are international flights, early check-ins or late check-outs (unless stated otherwise), souvenirs, laundry, tips, insurance and other personal expenses, and those items marked as optional or “Your Cost”. Optional excursions should be booked in advance with Impactful Travel.

Cancellation policy

In case you would have to cancel the reservation, we unfortunately need to charge you costs which we can not get back. These include administrative and personnel costs to administer cancellations. We ask you for your understanding. These are the conditions:

  • By canceling your trip 30 days or more before arrival: Impactful Travel charges 10% of the total amount (excluding flight(s)). If flight(s) have been booked through us, we can proceed with the cancellation according to the conditions of the Airline or postpone them free of charge in most cases within the limits of the airline’s conditions. Additional charges may apply when you have to change the date. This is out of our control. Please note: in case of a refund, an administrative fee for bank costs will apply.
  • By canceling your trip 29-16 days before arrival: Impactful Travel charges 25% of the total amount, excl. flights;
  • By canceling 15-5 days before arrival: Impactful Travel charges 40% of the total amount, excl. flights;
  • By canceling 4-3 days before arrival: Impactful Travel charges 60% of the total amount, excl. flights;
  • By canceling within 48 hours prior to arrival, we need to charge you 100% of the total amount, excl. flights.

Certain costs such as tickets for the Inca Trail in Peru might not be covered under the above arrangement because these are non refundable. We will inform you honestly about these exceptions.

Communication during your trip

If you book a custom itinerary of longer than six days with Impactful Travel, we will add you to a private WhatsApp Group, allowing us to communicate almost every moment with each other.

Wi-Fi can be found in more and more places nowadays: from buses and bus stations, to parks and public spaces. And of course in hotels and restaurants. Whenever you’re with a guide or driver of us, or when in a hotel or host family, we’ll always know how to reach you. In case of an emergency you will probably have locals around you whose phone you might borrow, or connect to their mobile hotspot. 
So just bring your own phone to Peru like you would, but leave it on flight mode as much as possible, only switching on the wifi separately. Remember that receiving phone calls in Peru on your foreign line is very expensive. Also the use of your own mobile data is very expensive. So, keep the flight mode on at all times and only use Wi-Fi. It is better to use an online chat/call app like WhatsApp to ensure the best communication with your relatives back home.

If you have booked excursions through our platform, the mentioned service is not included.


Impactful Travel strongly recommends all travelers to have a good travel insurance for the duration of the trip which includes mountain activities. If it can include covering costs in case of molest, social unrest, natural disasters and/or covid-related costs that would be preferable.

Other important notes

If flights or trains are included in your program, prices cannot be guaranteed until the reservation has been made (upon first payment and with complete personal data). Flights and trains might fill up quickly, causing changes in prices, schedules and even routes. We will, of course, inform you timely about flight or train price changes.

All entrance fees are subject to change without previous notice.

Prices subject to change for next year. We cannot update prices until the beginning of every new year. Rates not valid for National or Religious Holidays, when hotels, transportation and other services have different prices. Once you book, we’ll make sure to give you the correct price before you make any payment.

In case of force majeure or unexpected events before or during the trip (accidents, strikes, climatological circumstances, earthquakes or other natural phenomena, safety conditions, political factors, denial of entry permits or visas, legal affairs of the traveler, health matters, etc.), Impactful Travel may modify, replace or cancel itineraries, dates, flights, hotels, optional services, which is accepted by the passenger with purchasing the services. Impactful Travel will try its best to have your trip continue as planned. We will refund you within our possibilities and policies of providers involved in the organization of your trip. In case that those circumstances lead to additional costs, those have to be covered by you or your travel insurance. We will obviously do our best to keep additional costs to a minimum.

As a traveller, you also have the obligation to inform us previously about any (medical) condition that might affect a correct implementation of your itinerary. If anything happens along the way, Impactful Travel will not be held liable or responsible. We will assist where possible, of course.

If you have booked a custom itinerary, you will receive all the necessary information for your trip digitally from one of us, around two weeks before departure. This will be an updated version of your travel itinerary with pick-up times, names of guides, etc. We don’t issue vouchers: that won’t be necessary.

If you have questions about how we process your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Any questions; let us know!

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We also have an extensive and continuously updated section of Frequently Asked Questions, where you can find answers in regard to booking, practical information, health & safety, family travel and sustainability. Obviously, if you can’t find your answer there, just contact us and we’d be happy to take all your doubts away.