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Day experiences in fascinating locations across Peru!

All our day tours in Peru have been selected with passion and care to give you a wide range of unique experiences to choose from. Our goal at Impactful Travel is to bring guests closer to the Peruvian people while ensuring that as much as possible of the money you spend with us benefits the local people. Each excursion also adds a positive impact to the destination visited, but it also has a positive impact on you and everyone who travels with us.

If you’re crafting your own Peru itinerary, you can feel free to choose as many of these day tours as you’d like, putting them together, or letting the experts help you build your own trip in Peru. Check out our Peru city tours to explore more of our most popular urban areas, or get out into nature with our Peru adventure tours to experience even more!

We keep adding more options to our selection of day tours, so feel free to check back for more options soon! Or get in touch if you’re looking for a particular destination or trip…we might have something available behind the scenes.

Experience the vibrant diversity of Lima with our Day Tours! Choose from ten unique tours, from food to history and culture, to truly immerse yourself in this bustling city. Navigating one of the Americas’ largest cities can be daunting; let us guide you through Lima’s historic city center, artsy neighborhoods, and traditional fishing culture. Discover Lima’s unmissable character with us!

P.O.V. of kayaker of two other kayaks with young passengers saluting with paddles - Impactful Travel Peru

Explore Peru’s stunning Southern Coast like never before with our Day Tours! Experience adventures beyond typical tourist destinations, from kayaking in the Paracas Bay, biking around Nazca’s highlights to uncovering the underwater world with a scallops farmer. Join us for a unique blend of adventure and culture on the Southern Coast!

The Archs of Yahanuara made of volcanic stone and engraved with messages | Impactful Travel Peru

Discover the heart of Southern Peru with our Arequipa Day Tours! Explore Peru’s second-largest city, nestled in the Andes at 7,650 feet, perfect for acclimatizing to altitude. From its UNESCO World Heritage-listed historic center, to gastronomic delights and fascinating archeological sites, Arequipa offers a unique window into Peruvian culture and history. Let’s create your dream trip to Peru together!

People from Chimu

Maximize your Lake Titicaca experience with our Day Tours! Engage in activities, meet locals, and immerse yourself in unique cultural experiences. We prioritize less-touristy spots and responsible interactions with local communities, ensuring a sustainable and authentic journey. Discover Lake Titicaca beyond the known highlights with us!

Cusco's Plaza de Armas must be one of South America's prettiest squares. The Walking Tour developed by RESPONSible Travel Peru avoids the masses whilst showing you Cusco's most important highlights. | Impactful Travel Peru

Experience the magic of Cusco with our immersive day tours! We showcase local communities, culture, and nature, promoting responsible tourism. Engage in unique activities from art workshops, cooking classes to exploring the Sacred Valley’s agriculture. Enjoy day hikes with llamas or partake in spiritual ceremonies with a shaman. Join us for an authentic, impactful journey in Cusco!

Llamas in mountains

Discover the wonder of the Sacred Valley with Impactful Travel! Our day tours offer a vibrant array of experiences, from community visits to unique cultural workshops. Here, you’re not just a visitor, but a vital part of the positive impact we create. Immerse yourself in this paradise for community-based tourism and let’s make a difference together!

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Ceviche served in wine glass - Impactful Travel Peru
Calling all foodies for a feast!

Typical Peruvian Food Tour in Artsy Barranco

4 Hours
Availability : All Year Round
Ceviche and Lomo Saltado are on the menu of this typical Peruvian food tour! In addition you'll visit the main street art exhibitions in bohemian Barranco.
San Martin square is characterized by the big monument to the independence leader | Impactful Travel Peru
Lima as we see it

Lima Walking Tour

4.5 Hours
Availability : All year long
Discover Lima on foot with a local guide! This walking tour includes tasting fruits at a market and a visit to the historic centre of Peru’s capital.
Selia and three young travelers showing off the dishes after the cooking class | Impactful Travel Peru
Novo-Andean flavors

Cooking Class in Cusco

4 -5 Hours
Availability : All year round
Enjoy a cooking class with a local chef! After gathering all ingredients at Selia’s preferred market, it’s time to prepare a typical Peruvian dish yourself.
Three llamas and hikers among cropfields in the Sacred Valley of Cusco
a "furry" unique experience

Inca Road to Huchuy Qosqo with Llamas

8-9 Hours
Availability : All year round (Apr-Dec preferably)
Hiking with llamas through the beautiful landscapes will take you back to Inca times, especially when arriving at the beautiful and well-preserved archeaological site.
Woman and man picking up tea leaves
Not everything is about coffee

The Peruvian Tea Experience

3 Hours
Availability : April-December
You will experience agrotourism in a hands-on fashion, learning how peruvian tea is processed and produced.
A young smily couple showing their baby breads - Impactful Travel Peru
Activities a la carte!

Hanaq Wasi – Short Immersion in Traditional Andean Culture

4.5 Hours
Availability : All year round
A quick but fun and interactive way to learn about the Andean culture and traditions, through experiential workshops, in which you create with your own hands.
Llamas grouped next to hut in beautiful mountain location
Visit an Andean Shepherd's house

Authentic Sacred Valley Experience with Llamas and Pachamanca

8 Hours
Availability : All year round
Get to feel the spirit of the mountains in the Sacred Valley, while exploring their beauty accompanied by a group of llamas.
The always charming streets of Ollantaytambo
Improve your travel pictures!

Photography in the Streets of Ollantaytambo

2 Hours
Availability : All year through
Roam the streets of Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley while acquiring new photography skills you can apply directly during your trip!
Colonial architecture carved details in Sillar stone in Arequipa
Discover the white city

Arequipa Walking Tour

2,5 Hours
Availability : All year round
Get to know Arequipa with our lovely guide Caroline who will make sure you see everything and have a laugh!
Close up of a chef serving ceviche on a dish | Impactful Travel Peru
it's finger lickin' good

Lambayeque Gastronomy Workshop

3.5 Hours
Availability : All year long except for holidays
Get ready to discover the secrets of Northern Peruvian gastronomy and activate all your senses. Learn all about this unique cuisine led by a local chef.
Kené designs cover even the houses from the community
Exploring Cantagallo

A Journey into Peru’s First Indigenous Urban Community

5 Hours
Availability : All year round
Visit the first indigenous urban community in Peru! And learn about their Amazonian culture, knowledge of arts and craft techniques.
An offering will be given to Mother Earth to express our thankfulness for life, nature, and all that we have.
Spiritual Inca ceremonies

Spiritual Ceremony Experience in Cusco’s Mountains

4 Hours
Availability : All year round
Bring back the balance into your life with the guidance from an authentic Paqo Andean Shaman from the Apaza Family lineage of the Qeros community.

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