What to Pack for Your Trip to Peru?

Before considering what to pack for your trip to Peru, it is essential to consider what to pack it in. When traveling to many of our Community-Based Tourism destinations in Peru, we find it comfortable to have a backpack plus an undersized day pack, as some of the communities Impactful Travel works with, can only be reached by traversing challenging routes. 

However, many travelers still prefer a duffel bag (possibly on wheels) or dependable suitcase. It all depends on your itinerary, but the daypack is essential in each of them.

A suitcase with wheels isn’t really the best option for Peru, due to unpaved roads and pedestrian streets that are uneven 😉 Of course, you will have transfers included many times and they get close to your accommodation, but if you could travel with either a travel bag or a travel backpack, that is a bit more convenient. It’s easier to carry those when needed.

P.S. Are you traveling to Ecuador? Whilst many of these tips apply to Ecuador as well, we have written a separate article about What to Pack for your Trip to Ecuador.

Clothing for Peru’s mountainous regions

Generally, it is recommended that the clothes and gear you bring on your trip into the Andes of Peru are suitable for the rural, outdoor environments (they will get dirty!). 

During day time, it can get quite hot (especially when hiking is on the day’s program), up to 30ºC/85ºF, but here in the mountains, temperatures drop considerably at night (possibly -10ºC/15ºF). 

The difference may be more than 30ºC/60ºF) in one day! The best way to prepare for such conditions? Wear layers of clothing that can be easily removed when necessary.

You’ll be peeling your clothes off like the layers of an onion every morning, and putting them all back on again once the sun hides behind the mountains!

Guido – Impactful Travel

What to pack on your trip to the Andes of Peru:

  • Two pairs of long pants (zip-off are ideal!).
  • Short pants.
  • T-shirts.
  • Thin sweater, long sleeve.
  • Warm (fleece) sweater (two, or one fleece and a warm jacket / soft shell).

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Spectacular mountain range with a horseman. Huayhuash, Peru. - RESPONSible Travel Peru
Spectacular mountain range with a horseman in Huayhuash, Peru.

Clothing for the jungles of Peru

It is recommended that the clothes you bring on your travels to the Peruvian jungle are suitable for the jungle environment (they will get dirty!). 

The Amazon rainforest has a tropical, hot, and humid climate, with torrential rains throughout the year, increasing in the summer months (December – March). 

The average annual temperature is 25º C, and temperatures can vary between 15º C and 35º C. The colder temperatures occur during the so-called friajes, generally occurring around June.

When walking in the rainforest itself, you should wear long sleeves and trousers to protect yourself from the insects. Short clothes can be used when in your accommodations and exploring the cities.

Rubber boots will be provided at your lodge for muddy expeditions or when it rains. No problem with your shoe size. For everything else you’ll be fine with your hiking boots.

What to pack for your visit to the jungle of Peru:

  • Light clothes, shorts.
  • Long comfortable trousers.
  • Short and long-sleeved t-shirts or blouses.
  • Pairs of walking- or high- socks.

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Please do not bring too much luggage into the jungle, for the sake of convenience during boat transfers, out of consideration for the porters, and of course, CO2 emissions involved. 

On some tours, you will be the one carrying your luggage, so bring a max of 10 kg p.p. in total.

It’s a good idea to put your clothes in dry bags to protect them from the rain (same for your camera and other articles of value) and make sure you have something to cover your bag with.

Guide and passengers on river boat in lush jungle | Responsible Travel Peru
River tour in the lush jungle

General gear to pack for Peru

Your camera and your sunglasses are probably in your backpack already, waiting for their next trip with you. But how about water bottles with built-in filters? Or Covid-19-related items to bring? And what kind of walking sticks are you allowed to use in Peru? 

Find the recommended gear list on any trip to Peru in our complete packing checklist. Download it here.

Toiletries and medicines for Peru

We’re sure you’ve also got your toothbrush and some toilet paper ready. But why on earth should a guy bring hand cream in his luggage? And what kind of sunscreen is recommended? 

You’ll find the complete list of toiletry items to bring to Peru in our packing checklist.

New: bring some COVID-19 rapid antigen tests from home! They are pretty scarce in Peru and can be very expensive, too. 

Also, by bringing tests from home you will be able to read the manual and be confident to use the tests like in previous experiences.

What to leave:

  • Too much clothes.
  • Big suitcases with small wheels.
  • Jewellery.
  • Expensive (-looking) gadgets.
  • Fancy clothes or shoes.

These tips will help you to know what to pack for Peru. Please note that on most buses and domestic flights, you are only allowed to bring 20 kg p.p. – we discourage you from bringing more! 

Pack wisely. If you have booked a custom itinerary throughout Peru with us, your personal travel advisor will give you an elaborate briefing by video call, including personal packing tips.

Please let us know if we are missing any vital information. Your opinion is very important to us!

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