Travel Guide to Family-friendly Tours & Activities in Peru

Pondering how to make vacations enjoyable for young children, lively teenagers, or slightly older ones? Our Travel Guide to Family-friendly Tours & Activities in Peru is here to provide you with valuable insights for a secure, exciting, and educational family adventure that is sure to leave a lasting impression on each member of your family.

We fully understand that traveling with kids of varying ages can present a unique set of challenges. It’s no easy task to keep them entertained, ensure their safety, and at the same time make sure they’re gaining meaningful experiences from the trip. Choosing the perfect tour that caters to the interests and needs of everyone in your family is vital, so no one feels left out.

The answer to the challenge

Peru, with its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and warm, hospitable people, offers a treasure trove of experiences that can be both fun and educational for the whole family. Our guide will serve as your compass, helping you navigate through Peru’s varied offerings, allowing you and your family to truly immerse in its unique culture, learn about its history, interact with local communities, and appreciate the beauty of its natural surroundings, all while promoting responsible and sustainable travel practices.

Your family will not only experience the sheer wonder of our varied destinations but also absorb valuable lessons about respecting diverse cultures, the importance of conserving historical sites, the significance of community engagement, and the essence of responsible tourism

Continue reading below to explore tips and options for Family-friendly Tours & Activities in Peru and find more detail about our own experiences.

But if all this travel planning is stressing you out already, please allow us to assist you in creating a customizable and unforgettable family adventure in Peru. Let us handle the details while you focus on making lasting memories with your loved ones.

In this Guide, we’ll take a look at:

Understanding Family-friendly tours in Peru

This topic can delve into incredible depths and cover a vast expanse. However, fear not! We will break it down, simplify it, and present it to you with crystal clarity, like the purest of water.

Planning a family trip to Peru involves striking a balance between everyone’s preferences. In order to create a comprehensive itinerary, it is important to consider the need for flexibility and incorporate rest and leisure time to avoid fatigue. This includes adjusting the itinerary based on children’s energy levels, interests, or unexpected circumstances. Promoting responsible and sustainable travel practices should also be a priority, such as supporting local communities and businesses and teaching children about conservation. Packing essential items for children and ensuring safety and health supplies are included are crucial for a smooth family travel experience. Recommended resources like this guide and services like the ones Impactful Travel  provides are valuable assistance in planning a memorable and enjoyable trip.

1. Involve Kids in Planning

To make them feel excited and involved, let your kids take part in planning some parts of the trip. They could choose some attractions they want to visit or pick restaurants for certain days. 

Why not give a cooking class a try? While acclimatizing in Cusco, you have the opportunity to spend a day with Selia, our beloved cook. She will guide you through her preferred market for ingredient shopping, and then you’ll have a hands-on experience at the cooking table. It’s a perfect way to immerse your family in the culinary delights of the region.

And of course, keep in mind your children’s food preferences and dietary needs. Many kids are picky eaters, so ensure the destination has familiar food options they will eat. But always consider what Peru has to offer: an almost infinite variety of delightful culinary options. With a wide range of ingredients and flavors, many of which may be new to you and your kids, it’s an opportunity to introduce them to exciting and diverse food experiences. So, when selecting activities in Peru, make sure they provide both familiar options and the chance to explore new tastes and cuisines.

2. Choose Age-Appropriate Activities

Think of activities that are suitable for your children’s ages. For younger kids, interactive museums, zoos, or parks might be more enjoyable and we have lots of suggestions as part of our custom services

Teenagers might prefer adventure sports or cultural exploration and here we have a great multi-active option called: River And Mountain Expedition In The Valley Of The ‘Talking God’ and go rafting, bridge jumping, biking, camping, hiking, and swimming on a 2-day off-the-beaten-path tour near the Apurimac River.

Here safety should be your top priority. Whether it’s ensuring they wear helmets during biking, keeping an eye on them in crowded places, or acclimatizing them to higher altitudes, their safety should never be compromised. Additionally, consider making necessary long-distance travel and schedule adjustments, obtaining travel insurance for families, and keeping emergency contact information handy.

3. Balance between Fun and Educational Activities

This way, children can learn while they enjoy their holiday. So, here is an ace we have under the sleeve… Create A Torito De Pucara! this will be your own piece of art while you meet contemporary artists who will make you value Peruvian art and its living cultural heritage.

Consider this as a resting period because children can get tired easily, so ensure you schedule rest periods throughout the holiday

When it comes to resting, prioritize accommodations with spacious family rooms and comfortable transportation options, especially during long or bumpy trips. Take into consideration your children’s energy levels and be open to alternative plans when possible. Make sure to include entertainment assets and prioritize comfort, along with appropriate clothing for the trip.

4. Pack Essential Items 

Like sunscreen, insect repellent, hats, water bottles, snacks, games, and any medication your children might need. That sounds like you are preparing to visit the jungle! Check our Family Adventure Days in Tambopata with the guarantee that not only the activities but also the accommodation is suitable for your kids.

And take a moment to delve into the significance of respecting wildlife and natural habitats when engaging in outdoor activities. Consider the value of imparting knowledge about conservation and sustainable practices to children while traveling. Explore opportunities to participate in eco-education programs, visit conservation projects, or engage in discussions on the importance of preserving natural heritage. Embrace the wonders of guided nature walks, bird watching, and family-friendly lodges that enable you to fully appreciate Peru’s incredible biodiversity.

Additionally, always look for places that offer child-friendly amenities like a swimming pool, game room, or a play area.

As an extra you can read our specialized blog about What to Pack for your Trip to Peru and even download a free suggested Packing List for your trip.

Top Family-Friendly destinations 

Peru, with its abundant history, vibrant culture, and awe-inspiring landscapes, boasts some of the world’s most cherished family destinations. The entire country offers a multitude of family-friendly experiences and activities. In fact, we proudly offer a diverse selection of tours across at least ten magnificent destinations, among the highlights are Cusco, Puno, Arequipa of the popularly famous Andean South, then our beloved Huaraz, and even Manu!

What makes our Family-friendly Tours Impactful? 

These tours are designed not just for entertainment, but also to educate the younger generation about the Peruvian people, its culture, history, and ecosystems. This involves learning about local traditions, exploring historical sites, or understanding the importance of conservation.

Many family-friendly tours include opportunities to interact with local communities. This offers a unique cultural experience and helps support the economy of small-scale or family-owned tourism businesses.

These tours also promote sustainable and ethical travel practices. This could involve visiting eco-friendly destinations and letting children be responsible travelers by following the example.

Making Tours More Sustainable – Strategies You Can Spot

Passionate about promoting ecological initiatives, our focus is on offering recommendations for eco-friendly accommodations, tours, and transportation options that minimize harm to the environment. Additionally, prioritizing respect for wildlife and natural habitats is important to us.

Our dedication extends to emphasizing the significance of engaging with local communities. Unique opportunities for families to interact with locals through activities like homestays are provided. Fostering cultural understanding and empathy in children brings immense benefits, which we strongly believe in.

Encouraging and enabling participation in immersive cultural experiences is another aspect we focus on. Families can engage with local communities by taking part in traditional ceremonies, festivals, and learning indigenous crafts.

Additionally, we suggest visiting museums and exhibitions that provide interactive experiences focused on archaeology, history, and natural sciences. To support local communities and businesses, opting for community-based tourism initiatives and locally-owned establishments among the multitude of tourism services is recommended. 

Responsible souvenir shopping that benefits local artisans without jeopardizing the preservation of natural or cultural heritage is also advocated for.

Planning a Family-Friendly Trip to Peru and How to Book it

We encourage traveling in Peru with children who are at least 8 years old, as younger ones may find the high altitudes and long distances challenging. We believe that children of a slightly older age not only grasp the experiences better but are also able to express their needs effectively, ultimately enhancing their enjoyment and appreciation of the journey.

Here you can find more family-friendly tours and activities in Peru if you want to keep looking for options. However, we really recommend you contact our team of travel designers to custom design a family trip for you. It’s not much more expensive whilst we will improve the experience for all family members a lot because we can cater to the specific needs of each individual. 
Understanding that traveling with kids can be unpredictable, our custom trips offer flexibility in their itineraries. This allows families to set their own pace and make changes as needed for a stress-free holiday. Contact us!


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