Standing Tall and Close to the Sun: The Surprising Truth about Mount Chimborazo

As we traverse the globe in our quest for transformative travel experiences, we often stumble upon facts that challenge our conventional understanding. One such intriguing geographical marvel is the majestic Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador. While it isn’t the highest mountain when measured from sea level, it holds a unique title: the closest point to the sun on Planet Earth.

A Mountain Born from Fire and Ice

The Chimborazo volcano, rising 6,263 meters above sea level, is Ecuador’s highest peak. Born from fire and sheathed in ice, this inactive stratovolcano is nestled in the Cordillera Occidental range of the Andes. Although its last known eruption is believed to have occurred centuries ago, its grandeur continues to captivate adventurers and nature lovers alike.

Vicuñas walking at the base of the Chimborazo

The Closest Point to the Sun

While Mount Everest, standing at 8,848 meters, holds the title of the tallest mountain measured from sea level, Chimborazo volcano has a unique claim to fame. Due to Earth’s equatorial bulge, the peak of Chimborazo is the furthest point from the center of the Earth’s core, making it the closest point on Earth to the sun.

The Earth isn’t a perfect sphere but an oblate spheroid. This means it bulges at its center, the equator, due to its rotation. Because Chimborazo is located just one degree south of the Equator, it benefits from this bulge. Thus, while Everest is the highest from sea level, Chimborazo is the highest when measured from the center of the Earth to the peak.

At 6,263 meters above sea level, Chimborazo is significantly shorter than Mount Everest. However, when measured from the Earth’s center, Chimborazo reaches an impressive 6,384.4 kilometers, whereas Everest measures 6,382.3 kilometers. This makes Chimborazo the furthest point from the Earth’s center and thus the closest terrestrial point to the sun.

Following the section on Chimborazo being the closest point to the sun, Ecuador’s rich culture and geography would provide readers with actionable opportunities to experience the marvels discussed.

Casa Condor, a picturesque community nestled at the foothills of Chimborazo, waiting to be discovered through Impactful Travel.

FAQ Section

Why do some consider the Chimborazo the highest mountain in the world?
It all comes down to how we define “highest.” If we measure from sea level, Everest remains undefeated. But if we measure from the center of the Earth, the crown goes to Chimborazo. This is due to the Earth’s equatorial bulge. It’s a shift in perspective that invites us to see our planet and its geography in a new light.

Wait… Is our planet not round?
Earth is not a perfect sphere but an oblate spheroid. It bulges at the equator and is flatter at the poles due to its rotation.

Which is the furthest point from the center of the Earth?
The peak of Ecuador’s Mount Chimborazo is the furthest point from the center of the Earth’s core.

Do I weigh less at the top of Mount Everest or the top of the Chimborazo?
Interesting question! And yes, you would indeed weigh slightly less at the top of Chimborazo than at the top of Everest. The centrifugal force caused by Earth’s rotation is stronger at the Equator (where Chimborazo is located) than at the poles (closer to where Everest is located). This force slightly counteracts gravity, making you weigh less. So, if you’re looking for a quick weight loss solution, a trip to the top of Chimborazo might be just the ticket!

Can I climb the Chimborazo with Impactful Travel?

Not yet, but there are other tour operators who offer a variety of Chimborazo summit expeditions, ranging from 6 to 14 days. Chimborazo is a technically challenging climb, and should not be taken lightly. There is a significant risk of altitude sickness, avalanches, and other hazards. It is important to be well-prepared and to hire a certified mountain guide. Make sure to choose an expedition that is appropriate for your fitness level and experience.

When choosing a tour operator, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Reputation: Research the tour operator’s reputation and read reviews from other climbers.
  • Safety: Make sure that the tour operator has a good safety record and that their guides are certified.
  • Sustainability: check whether the tour operator has any certifications or publications about their sustainability criteria and efforts. 
  • Experience: Choose a tour operator that has experience leading Chimborazo summit expeditions.

Once you have chosen a tour operator, be sure to contact them in advance to discuss your needs and to get more information about their expeditions.

In the meantime you can check out our Ecuador tours involving views of Chimborazo in the last section of our next blog: Discovering the World from Chimborazo

Engaging with the Casa Condor community in Chimborazo.


The story of Mount Chimborazo serves as a reminder that sometimes, things aren’t always as they seem. It challenges our perceptions, forcing us to think beyond traditional definitions and measures. The next time you look up at the sky, remember that the closest point to the sun isn’t the highest mountain peak, but a lesser-known mountaintop in Ecuador.

With Impactful Travel, every journey is an opportunity to learn, grow, and make a difference. So, are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and reach for the sun?

Chimborazo Ecuador landscape Impactful Travel
Experience the breathtaking landscapes of Chimborazo, Ecuador.
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