Why Should I (or Shouldn’t I?) Travel to Peru During a Pandemic?

The Covid-19 figures are finally settling around the world, and thanks to the vaccinations the consequences of catching Covid-19 are diminishing at last. In Peru, vaccination rates are high and Covid-rates are lower than ever since the beginning of the pandemic. Traveling is becoming safer and as such, socially more and more accepted again.

So, does this mean that the time has come to pack your bags, get your tailor-made RESPONSible travel itinerary and hop on the plane to Peru? In this article, we’re giving you our honest opinion and our best recommendations.

Pioneering Post-Pandemic Peru is Possible!

Since September 2021, you do not have to quarantaine anymore when you arrive in Peru. Most other countries also took away the obligation to quarantaine upon return from Peru. So that’s the most important hurdle taken away!

If you travel to Peru, being vaccinated (or recently recovered from Covid) is highly recommended. Peru is a country with long distances so the use of public transportation is almost inevitable. Despite measures like double mouth masks, there is always a risk that you might be infected, like anywhere in the world.

Please note that currently, whether you’re vaccinated or not, you still need to show a negative PCR test result upon arrival to Peru. Read more about the measures, restrictions and conditions when traveling to Peru here.

Most Peruvian attractions are open and many are even back at their usual available spaces. They can be experienced at a low risk thanks to the safety protocols in place. Please note that you will still have to wear mouth masks (one, or even two) in most places.

Like in any country, the coronavirus comes and goes in Peru and is more or less present at times. You can find out about the current Covid situation in Peru here (only available in Spanish), but in general it has been under control (with all-time low new cases and deaths) since July/August 2021.

The Importance of Tourism in Peru

Tourism employs 11% of the economically active population of Peru. Due to corona, most of these people saw their family income disappear completely. Many have gone back to an agricultural life or informal jobs and, unfortunately, extractive activities. For nature conservation, tourism was a very important source of income. The combination of this lost income with more urgent economic needs amongst the population, has not done much good to the environment.

Your trip to Peru doesn’t just offer you an amazing experience. It makes an invaluable contribution to the country’s economy, the wellbeing of many families and the conservation of natural and cultural resources. Especially, if done RESPONSibly. Because our trips have an even more positive impact on the destinations visited, thanks to our special care and passion for sustainability.

Getting Prepared Together

RESPONS complies with all national and international Covid protocols. We have trained ourselves and have also organized workshops to prepare some of our main partners for the return of our beloved travelers.

The vaccination rate is quite high in Peru. In mid-October most regions of Peru were above 70% of completed vaccinations. Most people (especially in the tourism sector) understand that without vaccination we will never get to a level of control of the pandemic that will allow tourism to thrive again.

Like always, RESPONS will ensure quick and easy communication before and during your trip by giving you a Peruvian SIM card and the creation of a Whatsapp group (or similar). Moreover, every guide, driver, local family, or service supplier is aware of the procedure to reach out in case of any contingency. Twelve years in the business gives us extensive experience dealing with a variety of situations, but don’t get us wrong: this isn’t making us relaxed or confident that nothing unexpected might happen. We are always alert.

Pioneering Post-Pandemic Peru Requires a Flexible Mindset

Since July 2021 we have been receiving a small number of travelers; but tourism still isn’t back at 2019 levels. Not even a bit. This means that anyone traveling this year or the first months of 2022, is more or less a pioneer. Being a pioneer has many advantages: discovering places with less other travelers around, feeling even more hospitality and happiness from accommodations, guides, drivers and other Peruvians hosting you, and noting the positive impact your trip has on the country. But being a pioneer also comes with certain restrictions and responsibilities. Some flight routes and bus routes are still not operating, some accommodations are not yet open (or only just, with limited personnel and services) and there are still quite a few measures in place that you will need to accept. Moreover, they might change inadvertently depending on criteria out of our control. This means that you will need to have an adventurous and flexible traveling mindset; even more than usual.

Already convinced? Great! The only thing left to choose is whether you want to have your whole trip to Peru organized by us, exactly as you desire, or whether you prefer to use our booking platform to book your own tours and excursions directly.

Pros and cons of traveling to Peru now


  • You will enjoy empty attractions, like archaeological sites and natural parks. A unique opportunity for a popular destination like Peru!
  • You will feel even more welcome at places that haven’t seen travelers in a year and a half, and feel the positive impact your trip is making.
  • You will directly support the (economic) recovery of Peruvian families, small businesses and nature conservation.
  • You will enjoy extra flexible booking and cancellation conditions.


  • In flights, buses and closed spaces wearing a mouth mask is still obligatory; sometimes a face shield, too.
  • You will still have to show a negative PCR test result upon arrival.
  • There is some additional paperwork to enter the country (although this is probably to stay)
  • Some routes might not be available (or less) which might result in itinerary changes, taking night buses instead of flights and/or higher costs. This is why we recommend the use of a travel designer.

When you’re ready to travel; we’re ready to welcome you to Peru!

So, if you have more questions about what you have to take into account when traveling to Peru you can find all the necessary information in this article. If you’re ready to travel, please let our team of travel designers know what your wishes are so that we can elaborate the perfect itinerary for you. If you prefer to book excursions yourself and you’re happy to arrange other parts of your trip yourself, browse all our tours here.

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