Quick and Easy Expedition to the Tambopata Jungle

Support local orphaned children!
Support local orphaned children!
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This is our 3-day version of the Easy expedition to the Tambopata Jungle. I’ts perfect for those, who do want to experience the Amazon of Tambopata (Puerto Maldonado) but who are a bit short in time. As the Lodge is located to the city, you won’t lose all of your time for the journey to the Lodge. Instead, you can start your jungle adventure right away. And even though the lodge is close to town, it will still make you feel completely immersed in the Peruvian jungle. 

Two swimming pools and different paths will be discovered directly starting from the lodge: you have all the nature you were looking for at the doorstep. For some other excursions, you’ll make your way to other parts of the jungle and some boat rides are included as well. When it’s time to take a break, just lay in one of the hammocks with stunning views over the jungle. 

The best part of this tour? You will be supporting a local project providing orphan children with shelter, food, and a perspective for their future. 

Other jungle adventures taking you deeper into the forest or to other jungle destinations of Peru, can be found in our section with all of our Peru Amazon Tours

Day by Day

Day 1Puerto Maldonado - Estancia Bello Horizonte Lodge

After picking you up at the airport or the bus station of Puerto Maldonado, we will take you to the office for the check-in. Then, your adventure can already begin. We will transfer you to the eco-lodge, about 20 km away from the city of Puerto Maldonado. (To arrive at the lodge, you will go only by car, but you will have plenty of boat rides during your stay)

Upon arrival, a delicious fresh tropical fruit drink will await you. And not only that: you will soon realize that the surroundings of the lodge are simply amazing.  From here, you have a seemingly endless view of the rainforest. Sunsets can be observed from the hammock area while listening to the sounds of animals coming out to feed. There are even two pools around, where you can spend your time when needing a rest.

Having soaked in the beauty of the place for a moment, you will then have your first lunch.

Botanical Garden

Now that you have gained some strength, your first activity already awaits you. We will take you to the botanical garden! Here, your guide will introduce you to the richness of medicinal plants and explain how the indigenous people used them to cure themselves. Not only medical plants but possibly also monkeys, parrots, and even toucans can be seen during this excursion.

“Aguajal” Walk and Canopy hanging bridge

You will continue with the visit to the vast “Aguajal”. This is a great ecosystem of palm trees in a swamp area, a habitat of many animals like parrots. Our walk will take us to a hanging bridge in the canopy. Once at the top of the bridge, you find yourself amid the treetops.  From here, you can observe the rich wildlife of the rainforest such as birds, and monkeys. This is also a beautiful viewpoint to witness the sunset.

The great thing about today’s activities is: The places you will visit are only accessible from the lodge you are staying in. That means, there will not be many people present during your activities (chances are high, you might be the only ones), so enjoy having the jungle all for yourself.

Back at the eco-lodge, a comforting diner will be waiting for you before going to sleep to the soothing sounds of the jungle.

Day 2Colpa Cachuela - Lago Sandoval

Colpa Cachuela

Having a very early departure (around 4.30 AM), we will drive you to a small harbor from where you will embark to “Colpa la Cachuela”. Don’t worry: getting up early today will be more than worth it.

The “colpa” is a cliff of clay where you will see several types of parrots, parakeets and macaws gathering to eat the clay before heading to the forest looking for real food. Of course, you will also hear conjectures why the birds have adopted this interesting habit. After this great show of feathers and colors, we will have breakfast on the boat, enjoying the splendid landscape of the river Madre de Dios.

Lago Sandoval

Following the visit to Colpa Cachuela, you will continue our boat trip for about an hour and 10 minutes on the river Madre de Dios, until reaching the entrance of the National Tambopata Reserve (274 000 hectares of protected area). After a 3 km walk through the Reserve and its dense rainforest, you will finally arrive at the entrance to Sandoval Lake. Now, you’ll hop on a boat to make it to the lake itself. On the way, you may be able to watch birds, monkeys (capuchin, squirrel monkey, howler monkey), and other mammals.

In the wonderful place of Sandoval, many different species live together, including the famous hoatzins, herons, and anhingas. While navigating on the lake and with a bit of luck, you may be able to see giant river otters and caimans. You will also enjoy the local flora: palm trees, and aquatic plants, among many others. 

At noon, you will take a break at a local family house where you will eat a local dish, typical for the rainforest. After taking a rest, you will return to the boat and navigate a little bit more before initiating the return to the eco-lodge.

Day 3Local Market - Puerto Maldonado

After finishing breakfast, you can take one last glance at the beautiful view of the lodge before we will take you back to the city.

To round up this experience, we will take you to visit the local market, full of colors, tropical fruits, and other local products. Finally, your jungle trip comes to an end and we will take you back to the airport or bus station for your return trip. 

If you still have time before your bus/plane goes, you can also stay in the city for a bit longer and enjoy an ice cream in Gustitos del cura, for example. Or, if you prefer to spend some more time relaxing in the lodge, you can do so too. An extra lunch here costs only 30 Soles. 

Why is this experience Impactful?

Estancia Bello Horizonte is a private company that works for the benefit of APRONIA, a social association dedicated to protecting children and teenagers. All profits go to the orphanage and the care of the youngsters. Some of the children also get the chance to work for Estancia Bello Horizonte (in the office or in the lodge) once they are old enough. 

EBH is also dedicated to biodiversity conservation and ecotourism. The property where the lodge is located allows sustainable and experiential activities, contributing to the development of eco-tourism as a profitable economic activity. The nearby water source provides the whole lodge with water and even allows for natural swimming pools. Electricity is powered by solar panels. 

By the way, the ice cream shop Gustitos del Cura (located at the main square) also forms part of the whole program, dedicating all income to the orphanage. Make sure to pay it a visit. They don’t only sell ice cream but also meals. 

Read here how the Sustainability Score was elaborated


Price Includes

  • Ground and aquatic transportationFlights or buses to Puerto Maldonado are not included
  • All meals described in the itineraryAdditional food or drinks are not included
  • All activities as described in the itinerary
  • Private guide during excursionsEnglish, French, German speaking at request
  • Ticket to the Tambopata National Reserve
  • Boots until the size of 44 (11 in US-size)

Price Excludes

What to Bring

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Quick and Easy Expedition

What's the accommodation like in Estancia Bello Horizonte?

We always speak about basic accommodation, but the lodge is comfortable enough, with the extras of a bar a two different swimming pool areas.

What kind of weather should we expect during this tour?

Hot and humid conditions are more or less the rule, but again, rainy days can lower the temperatures quite a lot, or extraordinary events called “friaje” or Antartic winds could ruin your plans of sweating the hell out of you.

Find more info about climates in Peru in our blog “Best Time to Travel to Peru“. 

Which vaccines are recommended for the jungle?

Visit a travel doctor who can give you professional advice on what vaccinations may be necessary. A yellow fever vaccine is not obligatory but recommended. 

Is this a private excursion or will I share the experience with other travelers?

Other people/groups might be at the lodge at the same time as you, but for the activities described here you will have a private guide and times will be differentiated if other have the same itinerary. Meals are served at the commom dinning room, so for this part you will be sharing with others.

Is there Internet at the destination?

Yes, although it might not always be available. 

Is this tour physically demanding?

The tours you will be particiapting in are not very strenuous as such. However, be aware that the humidity and heat can be. Make sure to use sunblock and always wear a hat. Despite the heat, wear long sleeved shirts and long trousers to protect yourself from moskitos. 

By the way, if (one of) you suffer from vertigo, this route might also cause problems, as crossing a suspended bridge (canopy walkway) is offered. But you can always decide to refrain from this activity and just participate in all the other ones. While your friends go to the canopy walk, you can relax by the pool at the lodge. 

Do we have to take a boat to get to the lodge?

No, you can easily reach the lodge by car. However, for some of the excursions, you will have to take a boat then. 

Where can I have breakfast if it is not included on the first day?

You will probably arrive to Puerto Maldonado very early in the morning. A great spot to have your breakfast before making your way to the lodge is Gustitos del Cura, the ice cream place that supports the same local project as Estancia Bello Horizonte.

General questions

For questions about booking a tour, prices, preparation for your trip, health and safety or other themes, please check our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you can’t find your question & answer, email us and we’ll add it!

Your Host

Jhon Arbex

Jhon was born and grew up in Puerto Maldonado, where he still lives today, trying to help children in need thanks to the income generated by tourism. The idea of creating an association came from his father, who is the creator of APRONIA (association for the protection of children and adolescents).  Now, Jhon as well dedicates his time to the cause, trying to give the children a perspective. 

Having studied tourism, he created the Estancia Bello Horizonte Project, giving all income to the orphanage of APRONIA. Creating jobs for the children who have already grown up, by hiring them in the office, lodge, or as guides have lots of importance for him, too. Jhon wants the project to be self-sustainable and thus remain for a long time. 

At the same time, he wishes to preserve the environment and precious ecosystems of Tambopata by showing visitors its beauty and importance. Jhon is exactly the kind of person we need in a fragile place such as Tambopata!