Posada Amazonas Cultural Experience in Tambopata

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Spot your favourite animals
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Looking for something a little different? At Impactful Travel, we specialize in crafting custom itineraries tailored to your unique travel desires and ethical values.

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On this tour, you will be able to observe but also learn a lot about the countless types of plants and animals of the Tambopata region. Enjoy scenic views of the jungle from a lookout point, observe macaws and parrots during their clay licking routine and discover different (medicinal) uses of the plants growing in this marvelous region of Peru. 

Á la carte program

Please, be aware that you have the possibility to choose different activities than the ones we suggest in this tour. You can see this tour as a suggested example for a possible itinerary. But if you are more interested in other activities and what to adapt your tour so that it suits you best, you can! The price will stay the same, as you pay per day and not per activity. We have added a “fictional” Day 5 to this tour, where we enlist all of the options you can choose from.

Do you wish to travel through Peru with your children? Then, we´d like to remind you that this your offers a 20% discount for children under 12 years of age, staying in the same accommodation as their parents. We will deduct the discount manually from your total price once you have confirmed your booking. 

This tour initiates in Puerto Maldonado, situated to the east of Cuzco. But there are other regions of the jungle that you can visit in Peru, namely Manu or Iquitos. You can also have a look at all of our jungle tours at once, to get a bit of an overview of the possibilities. If you still can´t seem to see clearly enough to decide which tour would suit you best, feel free to contact us and we will customize your unique trip to Peru!

Day by Day

Day 1Puerto Maldonado - Posada Amazonas Lodge - Canopy Tower

We will start this tour by picking you up at the airport or bus station of Puerto Maldonado, the capital of Madre de Dios. (Make sure to arrive before 1.00 pm. If you arrive by bus early in the morning, we will pick you up from the bus station upon your arrival. From there, we will go to our office in Puerto Maldonado and there you will be waiting for our fixed departure time.)

From there, we will start our 2-hour journey to the lodge (by bus and boat). During our trip, we will have our fist lunch. After having settled in the Posada Amazonas Lodge, we will take you on a hike to the 40 meters high Canopy Tower. From the top, we will have a spectacular view over the forest with the Tambopata River navigating its way through the trees. Different types of birds, like toucans, parrots and macaws can be seen flying around. 

Day 2Tres Chimbabas Oxbow Lake - Centro Ñape

The next day, we will get up early to benefit fully from our Amazonas experience. First, we will set off on a thirty minutes boat ride and forty-five minutes hike to make it to the Tres Chimbabas Oxbow Lake. Here, you have the possibility to paddle around the lake in a catamaran, possibly spotting river otters, caimans and birds. 

We will also visit the Centro Ñape, a communal organization that produces medicines from forest plants and treats patients with them. The center invites you to take a walk on their trail, on which they will explain to you the different medicinal uses of each plant. 

At night, you can choose to go on another walk, as this is when most animals are active. You will easily find amphibians, like frogs, but might also spot some larger mammals if you are lucky.

Day 3Clay Lick - Rainforest hike - Community of Infierno

This morning, we will take you to a riverbank, which is one of the best spots to observe the Parrot Clay Lick.

After that, we will go on a two-hour hike, allowing us to see the largest tree in the area: a giant ceiba tree. During this hike, we will focus on the natural history of the rain forest and its principal flora and fauna groups.

Later on, we are invited to visit a farm in the community of Infierno. Here, a variety of well-known but also lesser-known Amazon crops are grown, all of them serving their own specific purpose. 

Day 4Posada Amazonas Lodge - Puerto Maldonado

One last time, you will wake up to the sounds of the jungle, being immersed in this unique habitat, before we will take you back to Puerto Maldonado. 

We will drop you off at the airport or busstation, from where you can take a flight/bus from 11.30 am onwards. 

Options: These are all the activities you can choose from!

As we have mentioned in the description, the itinerary described here above is just a suggested one. You can choose to replace some or all of the mentioned activities by others, if you wish so. The price will stay the same, as you pay per day, not per activity. If you choose to adapt your programme, you will first book the experience via this platform and then personalize it afterwards. 

This is the complete list of activities you can choose from:

  • Parrot Clay Lick – Morning – 3 hours 
  • Macaw Clay Lick – Morning – 2 hours 
  • Canopy Tower – Morning – 2 hours 
  • Jungle Farm Visit – Morning – 3 hours 
  • Jungle Mountain Biking – Morning/Afternoon – 1.5 hours 
  • Giant River Otter Search – Morning – Half Day 
  • Build Your Own Jungle Rafting – Morning/Afternoon – 4 hours 
  • Night Walk – Night – 1 hour
  • Master Night Walk – Night – 2.5 hours 
  • Ceiba Walk – Morning/Afternoon – 2.5 hours 
  • Monkey Search – Morning/Afternoon – 2 hours 
  • Amazon Birdwatching for Beginners – Morning/Afternoon – 2 hours 
  • Amazon Birdwatching Moderate – Morning/Afternoon – 2.5 hours 
  • Amazon Birdwatching Hardcore – Morning/Afternoon – 2 hours 
  • Tambopata Sunset Cruise – Afternoon – 1.5 hours 
  • Brazil Nut Trail & Camp – Morning/Afternoon – 2 hours 
  • Ethnobotanical Center Ñape – Afternoon – half day 
  • Rainforest Tattoo – Morning/Afternoon – 1.5 hours
  • Piranha Fishing (Catch & Release) – Morning – half day 
  • Ese Eja Day – Morning – half day 

Why is this experience Impactful?

The company having set up the Posada Amazonas Lodge (which is our local partner Rainforest Expeditions) has been working to hand over the ownership of the lodge from the company to the indigenous community called Ese Eja de Infierno. Now, the lodge is completely owned by the community that receives 75% of the profits (the other 25% go to the company for administrative purposes). You will get to meet the people from this community when staying in Posada Amazonas Lodge and participate in traditional activities. 

All of the lodges of our local partner work with local food producers to get their supplies. They all use a combination of solar and electrical energy. The energy consumption is measured annually to ensure that the set limits will not be exceeded. For the same reason, certain devices of high energy consumption, such as hair dryers, may not be used in the lodges.

Any type of single-use plastic is prohibited in the lodges, as well. To facilitate things for you, refill stations for water bottles have been set up in many places. Any waste that is produced despite all efforts, is regularly transported to the city to be disposed of there. Only biodegradable waste stays in the jungle, where it is being composted. 

By taking part in this tour, you financially contribute to the conservation of the Tambopata National Reserve, which is always a great help! On top of that, you can choose to participate in the citizen science programme, helping scientists with their important research.

Read here how the Sustainability Score was elaborated


Price Includes

  • All meals
  • Accomodation
  • Guided excursions and activities
  • Transfers to and from the airport of Puerto Maldonado
  • All river transportation
  • Rubber boots(largest size available: 11)
  • InternetThere is wireless internet available at night

Price Excludes

What to Bring

  • Binoculars
  • Camera gear (bring your long lens!)
  • Long-sleeved, tight-weave, light colored cotton shirts
  • Tight-weave, light colored, long cotton pants
  • Ankle-high hiking boots and sneakers
  • Flashlight (headlamp) with batteries
  • Sunblock lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat or Cap
  • Rain suit or Poncho
  • Small denomination bills
  • Insect repellent
  • Small backpack
  • Slippers or Sandals to walk around in the lodgeIn rainy season: light anti-slip slippers, as corridors inside can get wet
  • Note: Please be aware that the recreational use of drones is not allowed in our lodges. For professional use please contact us to process the required permit.
  • For our excellent general packing tips, please read this article (click here) and leave well prepared!
Frequently Asked Questions

About the tour itself

How can I get to Puerto Maldonado to participate in this tour?

Depending on where you are before, you can take a plane either from Lima (1,5 hours) or from Cuzco (30 minutes). We will meet you at the airport, take you to our office (5 minutes away) to refresh yourself and prepare for the journey and then we will head on to the Posada Amazonas Lodge. 

Is this tour physically demanding?

As you will not be hiking for hours, this tour is not very demanding, However, please keep in mind that the weather conditions in the jungle are not what most of us are used to: it gets hot, very humid and mosquitos love it here. So, don´t forget to stay hydrated, wear a hat or a cap and use insect repellent. Feel free to have a look at our general packing list for the jungle as well. 

What's the accommodation like?

The Posada Amazonas Lodge offers you wifi, a lobby bar, a massage service and a small souvenir shop. The accommodation includes different suites with a private bathroom and an open window facing the forest. When you proceed to the booking of this tour, you will see a small description of each room and can choose what suits you best.

Do I have to pay any entrance fees?

No, you won´t be surprised by any additional entrance fees to pay! 

Are any vaccination required to participate in this tour?

No vaccination is obligatory for you to participate in this tour. However, the Yellow Fever vaccine is highly recommended to travel to the Amazon region. We also suggest you see your doctor before coming here and talk to him about what he recommends to you.

Is this a private tour or will I be put together with other travelers?

According to the activities you choose for each day (note that the program is à la carte), you will be sharing them with other travelers that have opted for the same activity on that day. So, you will probably get to know different people every day. The maximum size of the groups is 10 people. 

What kind of luggage should I bring?

Your luggage is hand-carried at various stages in the trip for a long distance. We strongly recommend you limit your weight to 15 kilos (33 pounds apiece). You can leave your large luggage in our office at Puerto Maldonado. If you are visiting other destinations in Peru or South America that require different kinds of clothing, you can always pack separate bags and safely leave them at our offices in Puerto Maldonado on the first day so we won’t be carrying them around uselessly. Your bag will be waiting for you at the airport the day you leave.

General questions

For questions about booking a tour, prices, preparation for your trip, health and safety or other themes, please check our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you can’t find your question & answer, email us and we’ll add it!