Our favorite Hotel Boutiques in Cusco

If you are a regular follower of our social media or an avid reader of our blog, it is probable that you already checked our list of favorite boutique hotels in Lima, as the capital city is naturally the first destination of most travelers once arrived in Peru.

Now, we want to share with you our favorite boutique hotels in Cuzco. A collection of gorgeous and intimate accommodation that will improve your experience during your holiday in the ancient capital of the Incas.

These are without a doubt, our recommendation for hotel boutiques in Cusco.

Niños Hotel

Because simple does not mean charmless, these nearby pair of buildings come with a full load of social responsibility and warmness. Niños Hotel comprises two completely renewed old houses with accommodation that can fit any requirement. The aim of this business is not to be a profit organization for a few, but a way to provide an opportunity to prosper for hundreds of children in Cuzco. Stay here to contribute to the goal at the time you have a very pleasant time.

Niños Hotel

Antigua Casona San Blas

Not necessarily as small and intimate as we normally like, but its beautifulness made us reconsider putting it on our list.

With three different categories of rooms and featuring an old-traditional and a new more-modern section, this place has all needed to satisfy your requirements. And above all, it is located in our favorite San Blas neighborhood.

Antigua Casona San Blas

Quinua Villa Boutique

This is a very different option as we are talking about five mini-apartments, of modern look but inspired by periods in the history of Peru, that might seem like a little array of options but in fact to make a decision about which one to choose is kind of hard. The apartments are very comfortable for a relaxed and self-guided long stay, while some also have fantastic views over the city.

El Mercado

Do not get this wrong, as this thematic hotel that reflects a market-like ambiance is a well-hidden jewel behind a facade that discreetly disguises what lays inside. The concept is out of the ordinary for anyone who looks for accommodation but not to the point of being incompatible. We bet you will find it very novel as passing by the in-house vending carts and being tempted to order a juice from Nadia or anything else of the other available options.

El Mercado

Tambo del Arriero

An interesting place where the former function of the building is now put back on value, as it was to give refuge to carrying men of beast-of-burden trains. The hotel now counts on all the needed amenities but preserves the style and the decoration of a Cusquenian “Tambo”.

Tambo del Arriero


After staying here you will never forget the meaning of what a retablo is, and you maybe even want to take one home. This is without a doubt a very special hotel full of vibrant colors that celebrate local culture in a very imaginative way.

El Retablo

Casa Esmeralda

A place that can afford to say they offer “perfect silence” among its amenities. This is because it is located a bit outside the center in a quiet neighborhood, so you get a wonderful night’s sleep in return if you do not mind for a short walk back to the hotel. In addition to that, everything is new and of excellent quality.

Casa Esmeralda Hotel, Cusco
Casa Esmeralda Hotel Boutique

Now you know the quality of the lodgings that await you in the city.

The best boutique hotels in Cuzco are just a few steps to becoming your next accommodation. Give us more information about your preferences by sending us an e-mail at [email protected]

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