Our Favorite Boutique Hotels in Lima

Our favorite boutique hotels in Lima, or “hotelitos” as we tend to call them, are hidden jewels inviting us to admire all of the paintings hanging on the wall and the adornments discreetly placed in the different rooms, and to let the staff spoil us with little details.

Because, what is a trip without good places to sleep and rest?

Exactly with that in mind, we have selected our favorite hotels in Lima based on our clients´ requirements, the exclusiveness of their location, and the uniqueness of their interior.

Country Club Hotel – San Isidro

This hotel is a gorgeous property of over 90 years of age. The classic building perfectly is surrounded by gardens and fields, making its location quite enviable.

Offering five categories of accommodation, one more tempting than the other, the only aspect keeping you from booking a night here would be the budget. But if you decide that the money is worth it for you, you can count on having no regrets about your choice. Everything is perfectly planned and ready to provide guests with the best possible experience. Amplitude, space and freedom are keywords that define this hotel.

Country Club Hotel, Lima
The Country Club Lima Hotel is a five-star hotel located in the exclusive district of San Isidro.

Hotel B – Barranco

This is Lima’s trendiest luxury hotel nowadays, mixing republican architecture with contemporary art.

It is a smaller building nestled in a vibrant neighborhood with many adjacent streets, offering sights of a boulevard and the Pacific Ocean. With three room categories and plenty of common areas recreating different sceneries, this hotel is worth a visit.

Hotel B, Lima
At the intersection of Saénz Peña and San Martín, at the entrance to Barranco, there is a beautiful mansion built in 1914, at the height of the Belle Epoque, by the French architect Claude Sahut.

You might ask yourself, why stay at almost a century-old buildings when fresh constructions are available all over the city? Well, let us tell you that 21st-century modernity can also be found in these magnificent buildings. They can do both! In the case of Hotel B, its grand opening happened to be in 2013, and significant interventions occurred between 2015 and 2017 at the Country Club.

Second Home – Barranco

When lodging at the true house/studio of Víctor Delfín, you will get the feeling of being an artist. Second Home is an imaginative experience, almost surrealistic, inspired by the ocean visible from there.

Second Home Boutique Hotel

Atemporal – Miraflores

A stay at Atemporal in Atemporal will provide with so much privacy that you will ask yourself: Did I actually buy this house? At the same time, if you need any assistance, attentive staff members are always available to ensure you have a great stay.

Atemporal Boutique Hotel

Villa Barranco – Barranco

This is a rather new hotel nestled in a house with a long history. What is remarkable here is the attention you will receive from its owner and his family. They will move heaven and earth to provide you with the best experience possible.

Villa Barranco Boutique Hotel

Autor 1 & 2 – Miraflores

These hotels, as can be guessed by their names, implement the style and vision of their makers.

Autor 1

Autor 2

Casa República – Barranco

Casa República is one of the newest hotels in Barranco. It is spotless and combines art galleries with bedrooms. Without a doubt, you will love the atmosphere here.

Casa República Boutique Hotel

Quinta Miraflores – Miraflores

Would you like to wake up every morning with the smell of fresh coffee? That smell that makes it easy to get off the bed, no matter how comfortable it is? Then Quinta Miraflores is probably for you. It provides you with a very cosy atmosphere and will likely become a fundamental part of your holidays.

Quinta Miraflores Boutique Hotel

The best boutique hotels in Lima are just a few steps from becoming your next accommodation. Give us more information about your preferences by filling out our questionnaire and we will be in touch shortly. Or just e-mail us at [email protected]

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