Connect with the Heart of Amazonian Culture

and Learn Traditional Crafts!
and Learn Traditional Crafts!
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  • 4 Days, 3 NightsStart 3:30 PM (or 7 AM)
  • Starting PointTarapoto (airport or city)
  • BookingsAt least 1 week in advance
  • Group Size: 1 - 8(for bigger groups, please contact us)
  • DifficultyLow (but don't understimate the heat)
  • All year roundsuggested from April to December to avoid rains
  • Price range: $ 400 - 980
  • Sustainability Score: 59

Connect with the Heart of Amazonian Culture escaping the hustle and bustle of Tarapoto’s warm streets and immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of San Roque de Cumbaza, a small town nestled amidst lush greenery. This tour offers a unique chance to experience the daily lives of locals through a variety of activities and story-telling that are sure to leave you with lasting memories. Whether it’s learning traditional crafts, such as producing your own chocolate or copying skilled weavers and pottery artisans, or simply enjoying the breathtaking natural surroundings, this tour is the perfect way to recharge your spirit and reconnect with faraway cultures and nature. Don’t miss out on this enchanting journey!

This particular tour may require a longer time commitment compared to other single destinations. Additionally, traveling alone can increase the cost. To address these factors, we have developed two alternative options that are simpler, more affordable, yet still offer an original and authentic experience. This way, you can seize the opportunity to explore this unique off-the-beaten-path destination without breaking the bank.

Introducing our top alternatives: “The Amazonian Culture of San Roque de Cumbaza and Lamas” and “Quick Cultural Immersion in San Roque de Cumbaza“. The former ensures a comprehensive experience without missing out on Lamas, while the latter focuses on a single village, capturing its essence to the fullest. Choose the one that suits your preferences and embark on an unforgettable journey.

Still searching for the ideal tour?

If you want to discover other similar experiences, look at all our tours in the Peruvian Jungle.

If you’re uncertain about your desired destination or seeking suggestions on how to proceed, take a moment to explore our dedicated pages featuring a wide range of destinations and various travel styles. It’s the perfect way to find inspiration and make informed choices for your next adventure.

Day by Day

Day 1Getting there

After taking in the beautiful countryside during the brief journey from Tarapoto to San Roque de Cumbaza, it’s time to settle into your lodgings for the night. You’ll check into a charming family inn where the cozy atmosphere of this small town will envelop you immediately.

Then, the experienced cook Emira takes charge of dinner, preparing a mouth-watering assortment of traditional Amazonian dishes for you. From plantains and peanuts to free-range hen and wild river fish, you’ll find a variety of delectable flavors to savor.

Finally, before retiring to bed, indulge in Angel’s life stories. Sit back at the square, the inn, or even at his place. Each tale unravels within the town, featuring a fusion of real and mystical creatures. Absolutely the perfect end to your day!

Day 2Agrotourism and hands-on activities

Today, you’re on the right track to experience daily life in this town to the fullest. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

Experience the activities that take place at an agroecological plot and meet Maricel after an early morning walk, to avoid the midday heat. Discover sustainable management of a circular system of crops with medicinal herbs, fruit trees, greens, aromatic plants and honey production.

For lunch, we will go back to San Roque’s downtown.

Segunda and her husband Santos are bringing us something finger-licking good this afternoon – chocolate! Get ready for a delicious treat.
Experience the whole cacao-making process on-site, from harvesting the beans from the pod (depending on the season) to fermentation, drying, grinding, and chocolate candy production. You’ll savor your sweets infused with the local flavors of coconut, mocambo (a cacao relative), sacha inchi (inca nut), and honey.

NOTE: The availability of fresh cacao hinges on the season. But even if you arrive too late, you can still partake in later phases of the process to achieve the same results. Alternatively, coffee production activities are available, but the restrictions remain the same. It all comes down to what takes your fancy.

Free night with dinner included.

Day 3First contact with the Kichwa and the tropical jungle

Following breakfast, a gentle one-hour walk up a gentle slope will lead us to the boundaries of the Chunchiwi Native Community. This region, akin to several other rural communities in Peru, spans across a large area with low population density. Basic modern amenities such as electricity are noticeably absent, while the inhabitants utilize locally-sourced, natural materials as their primary means of housing.

During our journey, we’ll visit Indanal, a quaint sector inhabited by merely four families. One cannot miss their vibrant attire, especially the women’s. They speak a local dialect of Quechua and are known for their unique art, providing the perfect gateway for social interaction.

At Petrona’s place, you get to select your preferred crafting activity – learn textiles or pottery by making either a ‘chumbe’ or a ‘tiesto’. It doesn’t matter which you choose, as both options include an introductory workshop. Come and explore your creative side!

For lunch, we’ll return to San Roque to experience a secluded yet very popular way to connect with nature among locals. We’ll hike and soak in the river until sunset, a delightful means to refresh after our morning excursion.

The remainder of the day is yours to relish and savor as you please.

Day 4The end of the tour, but not before visiting Lamas

Located atop a mountain, Lamas boasts stunning landscapes as is set against the Cerro Escalera and the majestic Cordillera Azul mountain range and a climate that’s nothing less than delightful. It stands out as a unique destination, perfect in every way and the Kichwa people, from the nearby native communities, call it home. 

First we will enter “The House of the Working Woman”, an artisan center that serves as a vibrant hub for preserving ancestral knowledge. Initially established by women to showcase and sell their traditional crafts, it has now evolved into a space where both male and female artisans from the indigenous Kichwa Wuayku community come together to exchange their expertise and exhibit their meticulously handcrafted creations. The center boasts a diverse range of offerings, including an interpretation room, immersive workshops dedicated to ceramics, textiles, and jewelry, as well as a dedicated exhibition and sales area. These exquisite ceramics and textiles hold significant cultural value and are revered as national treasures, capturing the local inhabitants’ profound interpretation of life and the world that surrounds them. 

Please note that in the event the previous activity cannot take place, we will instead have the opportunity to visit the Chanka Museum. A remarkable exhibit that provides valuable insights into the origins of the Quechuan-Amazonian culture, a living heritage of Peruvian history.

Another great way to experience Lamas is by simply sitting back on one of the benches in the main square and watching the daily lives of the local ‘lamistas’ unfold before you. This is the perfect way to soak in the rich flavors and quaint charm of this lovely town.

Once lunchtime arrives, we’ll take you to a place that not only serves up delicious, traditional cuisine, but also provides unbeatable panoramic views. You’ll see!

Next, we’ll descend toward the Huayco Native Community, where we’ll explore its artisan workshops located around a charming and unique square. Consider this the perfect opportunity to obtain original, one-of-a-kind souvenirs if you’re drawn to handicrafts.

As a farewell tradition (from 6 to 7 pm), we’ll savor a cup of locally sourced coffee, and indulge in dinner. This will take place at a business that is socially responsible, and by buying from them, we support their noble goals. A great way to contribute to something positive whilst enjoying ourselves.

Then, we will drive you and drop you off at Tarapoto’s airport or your preferred location in town.

Slide through some images of Connect with the Heart of Amazonian Culture

Why is this experience Impactful?

Your visit does more than just offer an opportunity for exploration; it also supports the livelihoods of at least eight local families who primarily depend on agriculture for their income. By choosing to visit, you’re providing them with an additional source of revenue, positively impacting their lives.

This tour places a spotlight on women, empowering them towards economic independence, entrepreneurship, and leadership within their communities. It aims to inspire more women to embrace these roles, preserving their ancestral culture and knowledge while enabling direct interactions with visitors and promoting cultural exchange.

Here, you’ll enjoy local, organic, and fresh food, minimizing the need for transportation and, consequently, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This approach not only benefits the environment but also bolsters the local economy.

The accommodations provided are part of small-scale, family or community-owned businesses that strive to manage energy and water use responsibly and handle waste according to their capabilities. It’s important to note that these communities are marginalized, with limited access to technology and services.

This experience revitalizes vanishing ancestral traditions, both material and non-material, fostering appreciation and value for them. It also raises awareness about the importance of preserving nature, as the activities are conducted within the buffer zone of a conservation area, a theme consistently highlighted by local guides.

This initiative exemplifies off-the-beaten-path tourism and slow travel, offering new perspectives and substantial benefits to marginalized communities. This way the positive impacts extend to both the destination and the visitors.

Looking ahead, the plan is to foster a special commitment across the entire supply chain to stay abreast of the latest sustainability strategies and achieve some level of certification.

Read here how the Sustainability Score was elaborated

Price Includes

  • Accommodation3 nights
  • Transportation Tarapoto-San Roque de Cumbaza-Lamas-Tarapoto
  • Excursions as described in the itineraryChanka Museum ticket included
  • Full meals3 breakfasts and lunches, 4 dinners
  • Tour guideEnglish and Spanish speaking
  • 5 chocolate candiesthe ones you make with your own hands

Price Excludes

What to Bring

  • Reusable or built-in filter bottles
  • We have signed the International Tourism Plastic Pledge and support the Travel Without Plastic movement, so we will always ask you to obtain reusable or built-in filter bottles for you and your companions before you travel to Peru or as soon as you arrive in the country.
  • Flashlights check battery charge
  • Raincoat or ponchojust in case
  • Repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Long-sleeved pants and shirts
  • Warm clothingfor the fresh nights and especially if staying in the pyramid
  • Hiking shoesTo walk thourgh the mountain, resistent and confortable
  • Hat, sunglasses
Frequently Asked Questions

About the tour Connect with the Heart of Amazonian Culture

Is this tour physically demanding?

Not at all! The hike on day 3 lasts only an hour and, although uphill, it’s a gentle slope. It’s scheduled for the morning to avoid the afternoon heat.

Do the local families speak English?

No, they don’t. But a bilingual guide will be with you at all times.

Is this a private excursion or will I share the experience with other travelers?

This is a private excursion that will be enjoyed by just you, your family, or the friends in your group.

Do I have to pay any entrance fees?

The only entrance fee during this tour is for the Chanka Museum and it is already included in the cost of the package.

What kind of weather should we expect during this route?

Find more info about climates in Peru in our blog “Best Time to Travel to Peru“. 

Can I take home the handicrafts I make?

Unfortunately, that is not likely, unless re-planning the itinerary (when the workshops take place) or incur more logistics (at your expense). This is due to the pottery requiring ample time to dry and then further duration in the oven, while weavings are relatively time-intensive and can only be completed after your departure, with the artisan finishing them for you. In such cases, you are welcome to select any pre-existing piece that was crafted by previous travelers. While we understand it is not the same, we trust that you will appreciate the possibilities available. So, you may coordinate with your host, Patricia, to rearrange the itinerary so that you can try to obtain your own pieces before departing. Or if you head out before the pieces are ready, but still have a trustworthy address within the country, they can be sent to you.

What if I can/want to start the tour earlier?

If you’re interested in starting the tour earlier, you can! We’ve made the suggestion at the beginning of the tour description in case you need it – 7 AM, to be precise.

Shoot us an enquiry using the [pink] booking box, and let us know your thoughts. We’ll be more than happy to customize the tour for you, meaning that we will reorganize the order of activities based on your starting time.

Can this tour be less expensive? I am traveling alone / on a budget

When it comes to touring the Peruvian jungle, transportation can be the costliest part of the package. If you’d rather handle the travel to and from San Roque de Cumbaza on your own or are open to budget-friendly modes of transportation, just say the word and we’ll deduct those expenses from the overall price. Moreover, our team can provide tips on how to reach your destination in a more affordable way.

What should I pack for this tour?

Please refer to our article What to Pack for your Trip to Peru for all your questions about packing for your Peru trip. Whether you’re going to the jungle or the mountains, you’ll find the answers you need. You can also download a full Packing List for free. 

Which vaccines are recommended for the jungle?

Visit a travel doctor who can give you professional advice on what vaccinations may be necessary. But if you go into the Tarapoto area, a yellow fever shot is recommended.

Is there Internet at the destination?

Not necessarily, unless you have a Peruvian SIM card on your smartphone and purchase a data package for navigation. The best service providers in the area are Claro and Entel. In certain situations, your tour host may allow you to use her mobile hotspot.

What's the cancellation policy for this tour?

In case you would have to cancel the reservation, we unfortunately need to charge you costs which we can not get back. We ask you for your understanding. These are the conditions:

– By canceling your trip 31 days or more before arrival: RESPONS charges 0% of the total amount.
– By canceling your trip 30-15 days before arrival: RESPONS charges 50% of the total amount.
– By canceling 14-7 days before arrival: RESPONS charges 75% of the total amount.
– By canceling 6-0 days before arrival: RESPONS charges 100% of the total amount.

What if unforeseen events affect my trip?

In case of force majeure or unexpected events before or during the trip (accidents, strikes, climatological circumstances, earthquakes or other natural phenomena, safety conditions, political factors, denial of entry permits or visas, legal affairs of the traveler, health matters, etc.), RESPONS may modify, replace or cancel itineraries, dates, flights, hotels, optional services, which is accepted by the passenger with purchasing the services.

RESPONS will try its best to have your trip continue as planned. We will refund you within our possibilities and policies of providers involved in the organization of your trip. In case those circumstances lead to additional costs, those have to be covered by you or your travel insurance. We will obviously do our best to keep additional costs to a minimum.

General questions

For questions about booking a tour, prices, preparation for your trip, health and safety or other themes, please check our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you can’t find your question & answer, email us and we’ll add it!

Your Travel Designer & Host

Patricia "Paty" Mendoza

I was born in the city of Lima, I have lived half of my life in the Peruvian jungle, learning and nourishing myself from nature and its people. I studied Agronomic Engineering at the National Agrarian University La Molina, and then a master’s degree in Ecotourism at the same university. 8 years ago (2015), I completely moved with my family to the rural northeast jungle of Peru, where together with my daughters and husband we enjoy, conserve nature and live in community with the local population.

Seeing a great potential in the rural population of the jungle, mainly in women who push their families forward. In addition to creating synergies, in which we all can benefit, including nature and living beings that live in it motivated me to create this experience.