Lake Titicaca Day Tours in Peru

If you’re visiting Lake Titicaca but don’t have much time, we can help you maximize your travel experience!

Our Lake Titicaca Day Tours let you get active, meet members of the local community, experience local culture, and so much more. Travel beyond the known highlights and experience Lake Titicaca uniquely!

Lake Titicaca Activities for Day Trips

While lots of Lake Titicaca day tours will take you to floating islands, we prefer to visit the less touristy spots. We also prioritize responsible interactions with local communities and with the environment, so you can rest assured that our curated itineraries keep sustainability top of mind.

If you have more time, look at our multi-day Lake Titicaca tours to experience even more! Alternatively, we would love to be your custom Peru trip planner and help you create your dream itinerary. Tap into our local expertise for the most extraordinary trip!

Discover our Lake Titicaca Day Tours

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Local man from Jayujayuni playing the charango - RESPONSible Travel Peru
A Unique Cultural Experience!

Hosts of the Great Inca Trail, the Qhapaq Ñan, on Lake Titicaca

4.5 Hours
Availability : All Year Round
A cultural visit led entirely by the local people. Enjoy walking in a beautiful natural environment and cultural landscape where families involve travelers in their daily activities.
Man sitting on island floor while using hands and feet when making totora strands | Responsible Travel Peru
See a unique way of living

Chimu Floating Islands

4 Hours
Availability : All year round
Learn more about the Chimu people, their way of living, as well as the importance and many uses of the Totora reed in their day-to-day life.

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