Spiritual Ceremony Experience in Cusco’s Mountains

Spiritual Inca ceremonies
Spiritual Inca ceremonies
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  • 4 to 5 hoursStarts at 9 am or 2 pm
  • Starting point Your hotel in Cusco
  • Group size 1 - 6
  • All year round(in rainy season Dec-Mar, better in the morning)
  • Bookings At least 72 hours in advance
  • Price range$180 - 220
  • Sustainability Score: 37

Participate in four spiritual ceremonies to improve and harmonize your relationship with the world. This series of rituals is recommended for those seeking guidance and support, those wishing to manifest abundance or success, those seeking reassurance before undertaking an important task or journey, and those seeking healing or relief.

You will be picked up from your hotel in Cusco and then taken to the temple of Ñusta Chaka, a special place used by the ancestors of the Qero nation for centuries to perform ceremonies of Andean tradition. Here, you will meet the “maestros” Paqo Qero, who will teach you about the Inca worldview and explain the procedures of the different ceremonies. Before starting the ceremonies, we will ask the Apus (Gods) of nature that surround us for permission.

Inka ceremonies

First up, and after a brief interview, you will participate in a Coca-leaf reading. In the Andean communities, coca leaves are considered sacred, and a means to communicate with the spiritual world. The Paqo will use this consultation ceremony as an orientation on what to clean and what to focus on during your other ceremonies.

The cleansing ceremony is next. The “maestros” accompanying you on this experience, have the ability to organically cleanse “hucha” (heavy energy) from the body and transform it into better energy. Heavy energies hinder the natural expression of health and creativity. A “hucha” cleansing is the process of activating the natural capacity of our nature to constantly clean the extra heavy energies in our space. The Paqo will use stones, water and plants during the process, and then call the sacred spirits from nature in charge of this natural process.

Then follows the ceremony of blessing in a sacred natural rock formation lying under the temple, where only a ray of light goes through. With sacred prayers and different offerings, the “maestros” will ask the sun to connect with your purified body.

In the end, an offering will be given to Mother Earth to express our thankfulness for life, nature, and all that we have. Once the ceremony is over, you will be driven back to your hotel in Cusco.

Please note: this tour takes about 4 hours in total. However, the exact duration depends on the group size. If you are more people, the tour can take longer, as the ceremonies will be carried out for each participant. 


Connect to the spirits of the Andes

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Why is this experience Impactful?

We Honor and celebrate the sacred temples in Cusco, where we can give offerings to the sacred spirits of nature in company of native maestros Paqo Qeros from the Andes.By giving advice, cleansings, and offerings to our visitors, the maestros follow their mission to help and bring balance to the cosmos, 

Maestros Paqos come from a family lineage of shamans. The rest of the team is local; translators, driver, all are natives from Cusco. In this way you directly support the local economy. 

We are against disrespectful spiritual practices that may harm the physical integrity of the temples and the energy of the sacred places where we do our rituals. All of our ceremonies follow the centuries-old traditions of the Andes.

Read here how the Sustainability Score was elaborated


Price Includes

  • Four ceremoniesCeremony of coca lecture reading – Ceremony of cleansing heavy energy with stones, plants and water – Ceremony of Blessings– Ceremony to give thanks to Mother Earth
  • Spiritual guide translator (Spanish - English)
  • Private transportation to and from the temple

Price Excludes

What to Bring

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Spiritual Ceremony

Do I need any kind of preparation?

Nothing extraordinary really. But, please avoid eating garlic and onions before and after tour dates. These products can have a strong influence on both good and bad spirits in general and do not allow us to work spiritually in ceremonies.

Could children participate in the ceremonies?

Yes, children starting from the age of 8 years can join to the ceremonies.

Can I take pictures?

Yes, there are certain moments where you can take pictures. Your tour guide will let you know.

Do maestros Paqo speak English?

No, they speak Quechua and Spanish. But there will be a translator who will help to communicate with the maestros.

Is this experience physically demanding?

No, you will walk down and up a little hill, but we will go slowly.

Where is the temple located?

Ñusta Chaka is located inside the Saqsayhuaman área, about 40 minutes driving from Cusco city center. The sacred temple is a special place, which has been used by the ancestors of the masters for centuries for the specific purpose of doing cleansings and offerings. 

General questions

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Your Host

Alejandro Apaza

Alejandro was born in the Qeros Nation in Cusco. He is a “maestro” Paqo, and wants to keep alive the healing techniques and costumes from his community and ancestors. Alejandro comes from a family lineage of shamans. His father, grandfather, and grandmother were helping people to practice reciprocity and live in health and harmony with the Pachamama (Mother Earth). 

The Apaza Family Paqos are the last shamans who have lived without contact to the outside world in their childhood. They have learned the rituals of their ancestors and have received special initiations, spending days of isolation in the most sacred mountains of the Andes. Alejandro wants to follow their path and share his ancestral knowledge with the world. He follows and respects the same principles of living in balance and harmony with all around us.