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(you might be able to find them either on paper or digital versions)

From the first (an so far only) Peruvian winner of a Nobel Prize in literature, although not with this title. Mario Vargas Llosa give us the story of a low-rank military sent to a post in the mountains, where he and his company have to deal with armed enemies, mistery and love.

Although presented here in its Spanish edition (1993), this book, as it occurs with all of Vargas Llosa’s works are (almost always) available in your prefered language.

Vargas Llosa is a prolific writer and its work goes way beyond anyone’s reading capacity in a short-term, but other recommended titles of him are, The storyteller (El hablador) and The dream of the Celt (El sueño del celta – Nobel Prize winner).

The following is one of Guido‘s favorites, by Moseley 1992.

“A book that I loved to read was a history book, not a novel, and it summarized the whole history of Peru, from the arrival of the first human beings. It was very useful when I was guiding the Three Civilizations Tour in Huaraz.”

For the kids we have very popular comic books from the hand of Hergé and its star character Tintin: The Seven Crystal Balls (Les 7 boules de cristal, 1943) and Prisoners of the sun (Le Temple du soleil, 1946).

For the thrill lovers, a couple of real-life stories of survival that will give you goosebumps, the first one occuring high up in the snowy mountains and the second in the hot and dense jungle.

And now, why a not a cookbook to calm down the nerves but to impress your palate. From the most famous and charismatic Peruvian chef of all times, we recommend you this book containing no less than half a thousand recipes.

Published in 2015 and holding a whole lot of heritage of thounsands of years of Peruvian culture


(including movies and documentaries available in Netflix, YouTube or other platforms)

The journey of a real man on his way to becoming a renowned guerrilla fighter (che Guevara) who first toured South America and especially Peru.

The original language of the movie is Spanish but there is also the translation the book of 2004

Now its Netflix time, with a juicy array of options when you type down “Peru” in the search box, but to make you things easier, here a few of our favorites.

A documentary directly from the BBC (although we are not sure here if we are infringing rights by showing you this)

Wildlife cameraman Charlie Hamilton James has spent $10,000 on 100 acres of Peruvian rainforest, without even looking at it first. Situated at the end of a road, he hopes it is a strategic purchase, which will stop loggers illegally entering the Manu National Park and cutting down trees. But when he gets there, he quickly realises things are not quite so simple

In case you got hooked up, here are Episode 2 and Episode 3


(not so much as a playlist but some of our Team’s favorites)

Eva Ayllon is by far the female music ambassador of Peru, and even if you don’t see her in this video you will remember her voice

Something you don’t hear much, or don’t think about it much, is the music of the jungle, because Peru is mostly recognized as an Andean country. And to knock down that false perception here we give you chicha and cumbia, as the genres are called: El Aguajal by Los Shapis, and Shipibo Enamorado by Internacional Privados.

This is certainly a very brief compilation of works and we are aware that your interests might go in different directions, like different genres or even artistic expresions, like painting, or dancing. So in case you want to dig deeper, you can also ask your Travel Designer (or leave us a comment below 👇) to give you more hints about Peruvian inspired works, we are sure that you will start traveling before getting here only by putting your hands, eyes, or ears over any of this pieces.

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