The Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador

Discover Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest

Welcome to the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador, a living sanctuary of biodiversity! With Impactful Travel, your journey goes beyond mere sightseeing; it becomes a meaningful adventure that helps preserve this invaluable ecosystem. Our Amazon tours focus on deep engagement with both the natural wonders and the cultural richness of this unique environment, all in alignment with sustainable and impactful practices.

Before embarking on your Amazon adventure, don’t miss our comprehensive Destination Guides of Ecuador’s jungle destinations, like Tena. This resource is filled with essential tips and insights tailored for everyone—from nature enthusiasts to cultural explorers.

Eager to dive into the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador? Our carefully selected tours offer a harmonious blend of ecological discovery and cultural immersion, making your trip not just a vacation, but a transformative experience.

If our set tours don’t quite match your dream Amazon adventure, we’re experts at crafting personalized itineraries that meet your specific interests and ethical travel goals.

Travel into the Yasuni Amazon with our Napo Wildlife Center tour | Impactful Travel
Discover Yasuni's Heartbeat

Napo Wildlife Center: into the Yasuni Amazon

4 Days, 3 Nights
Venture into Yasuni National Park with our tour to Napo Wildlife Center. Experience canoe trips, forest excursions, birding tours, all while promoting sustainable tourism. […]
A room at Los Yapas Holistic Center | Impactful Travel in Ecuador
A unique opportunity to learn!

Amazon Permaculture: Experience Los Yapas Holistic Center

1Day, 1 Night
An amazing opportunity to learn about growing food in the Amazon (and the rest of the world!) and enjoying super healthy food. Nurture the […]
Volunteer for a day at the Yanacocha Animal Rescue Center in Puyo, Ecuador. | Impactful Travel
Make a small big difference

Volunteer for a Day: Ecuador Wildlife Rescue Center

Full Day
Join us for an enriching journey into the Ecuadorian Amazon. Volunteering for a day is a great way to contribute to the rescue and […]
The amazing Pailón del Diablo waterfall can be visited on Impactful Travel's Alternative Baños Waterfall Tour from Tena to Baños.
Leave an impact before the fun!

From Tena to Baños – an alternative Baños Waterfall tour

Full Day
The best way to travel from Tena to Baños; learning, getting inspired and leaving a positive impact before the waterfall fun begins!
The achimamas, midwives, welcoming visitors to their Amupakin center to teach and share their wisdom about childbirth with ancient techniques and medicinal plants. | Impactful Travel in Ecuador
A deep immersion in Amazonian culture

Tena Amazon Tour including… a midwifery house?

3 Days, 2 Nights
This tour showcases all the natural wonders you'd expect from a Tena Amazon Tour. However, we at Impactful always add a unique, impactful element. […]