Tours in Iquitos, Peru

Dive in the Amazonian forest around Iquitos, there, where the big rivers’ confluence form the Amazonas and give place to an extraordinary and diverse jungle. Get around the bustling city, the biggest of the Peruvian jungle, and then get lost in the amazing surrounding forests.

Loreto, of which Iquitos is its capital, is larger than Germany, but the ground vial infrastructure is poorly developed. However, for good or for bad, that is changing. The rest is jungle and more jungle. The only way of access is by plane, or travelling for days by boat from Pucallpa, and it is the only way of access to different protected areas like Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, also known as the mirrors’ jungle (because of the reflection of its many lakes).

Get prepared for your visit to Iquitos

The weather around Iquitos is always hot and humid, so better get ready for the sun, the heat and the mosquitos. In our Destination Guide for Iquitos we take you through this area and share our best recommendations with you. And for additional information we suggest you check our blog post: What to pack for your trip to Peru?

Enter Peru's largest terrestrial Reserve

Eco-Adventure and cultural exchange in Iquitos

4Days, 3Nights
Explore an authentic connection with the Peruvian Amazon, providing a unique eco-tourism experience in the heart of the jungle. Immerse yourself in nature and […]
sunset over river | Responsible Travel Peru
All in one

Amazon Full Adventure in Iquitos

6 Days 5 Nights
This is the whole package if what you are looking for is to deeply experience the Amazon. Try camping for an extra approach to […]
Sloth hanging upside down from a branch| Responsible Travel Peru
Unveil the Amazon

Sweet Iquitos Rainforest

4 Days 3 Nights
This is an extended package of our Welcome to the Jungle tour, adding adventure and community-based activities.
Victoria amazonica plants are aquatic vegetation that cover the water surface in spectacular displays | Responsible Travel Peru
Short but Unforgettable Tour

Welcome to the Jungle…of Iquitos

3 Days 2 Nights
Immerse yourself in this experience, navigate the Amazon River, and observe a variety of native flora and fauna in Peru's biggest rainforest.