Impact Heroes

At the heart of our mission for sustainable and transformative tourism, lie the Impact Heroes. These exemplary figures are not just part of our community; they are beacons of inspiration, changing the world one journey at a time.

Who are these heroes?

They are individuals and communities who have shown exceptional commitment to environmental conservation, cultural revitalization, and local economic development. They are entrepreneurs who weave networks of responsible tourism.

The Impact Heroes represent the diversity of actions and passions that make up the fabric of a more conscious and respectful tourism. Through their stories, we want to show that positive change is possible and that we can all be part of it.

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Some of our Impact Heroes:

Inti Sisa Guesthouse

Inti Sisa, a non-profit hotel in Guamote, Ecuador, is operated by the indigenous community. Profits support local initiatives from education to elderly care and animal welfare. The hotel’s workforce, including management, is predominantly indigenous. Pictured is 14-year.old Abigail, our star tour guide

Niños Hotel

Niños Hotel in Cusco, a remarkable non-profit establishment, aids its own educational and child welfare projects, positively impacting hundreds of underprivileged children annually. To enhance our positive impact, all Peru journeys include stays at one of the two Niños Hotels.

Danilo - MOA

Meet Danilo Vasquez – a true hero for Andean Bears conservation in his community in northern Ecuador. He’s lovingly catalogued 65 bears, viewable from his Mirador del Oso Andino. A meeting with him is a rewarding encounter you will treasure.

Chaparrí Reserve
Andean bear climbing a tree in the dry forest of Northern Peru

Managed by Heinz Plenge’s family and local community, Chaparrí Reserve and Lodge is a desert forest haven for Andean bears and rare birds. A visit to Chaparrí, regardless of the season, promises a truly unique and enriching experience. 

A volunteer feeding wooly monkeys at their feeding place in the Yanacocha Animal Rescue Center in Puyo, Ecuador. | Impactful Travel

YanaCocha Wildlife Rescue Center in Puyo, Ecuador, is more than a sanctuary. They rescue, heal, and reintroduce wildlife to their own protected reserve. Their work, funded mainly by tourism, is truly transformative. Witness this remarkable endeavor!

La Base Lamay

Here you will meet Franco Negri, the heart of La Base Lamay. A seasoned tour operator from Lima, he turned Lamay into a hub for sustainable tourism. His innovative tours, built on community collaboration, have enriched local culture and environment alike.

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