Embrace the Magic of Peru: Hike with Llamas

The Llama Experience: More Than Just a Trek

Step into the shoes of ancient travelers as you embark on an unforgettable journey through Peru’s stunning landscapes, accompanied by the country’s most iconic and charismatic creatures – llamas. These proud and slightly arrogant animals aren’t just photogenic travel companions. They’re also an integral part of Peru’s history and play a vital role in preserving its natural beauty.

Guido & friends following the llamas on the Inka Naani | sustainable hiking in Peru with RESPONSible Travel Peru
Guido & friends hike with llamas on the Inka Naani

A Sustainable Journey with Our Furry Friends

Llamas are not only adorable but also eco-friendly. Their soft foot pads tread lightly on the earth, ensuring the preservation of pre-Columbian trails. As they carry your luggage, their careful steps don’t harm the ancient stones, making them the perfect partners for our sustainable travel mission. However, we must remember to treat our llama friends with respect. Balancing the weight they carry is crucial to prevent injury and keep them happy on the trail.

Majestic Descendants: Hike with Llamas to Bring Magic to Your Peru Travels

As we traverse the picturesque landscapes of Peru, you’ll witness the profound respect and regard that other animals show towards llamas. From dogs showing deference to horses greeting them with a dance, llamas command respect in the animal kingdom. As camelids, these majestic creatures retain their family’s regal air, adding a touch of magic to your hiking experience.

Llamas in mountains
A group of llamas in the mountains of the Sacred Valley; the place where they belong

Our Llama Tours: Authenticity and Adventure Combined

Whether it’s the easy Inca Road to Huchuy Qosqo with Llamas, the one-day Authentic Valley Experience with Llamas and Pachamanca, the fascinating Hike on the Prettiest Stretch of Qhapaq Ñan in Huaraz, or the literally breathtaking Llama Trek in the Cordillera Blanca: Olleros – Chavín, each hike with llamas offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature, local communities, and Peru’s rich history.

So, are you ready to hike with llamas, immerse yourself in the enchanting Peruvian landscape, and create memories that will last a lifetime? Join us at Impactful Travel and let’s make a difference together, one step at a time. Explore our range of Llama Tours below and start planning your dream trip today! Remember, every journey with us leads to personal growth and leaves a positive impact. Let’s transform travel together.

Explore all our Hikes with Llamas

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  • Llamas grouped next to hut in beautiful mountain location
    Visit an Andean Shepherd's house

    Authentic Sacred Valley Experience with Llamas and Pachamanca

    8 Hours
    Availability : All year round
    Get to feel the spirit of the mountains in the Sacred Valley, while exploring their beauty accompanied by a group of llamas.
  • Another beautiful stretch where the original pavement can still be observed, whilst hiking up from Soledad de Tambo. Hike the Qhapaq Ñan - Great Inca Road | RESPONSible Travel Peru
    A unique trek back in time!

    Hike the Prettiest Stretch of Qhapaq Ñan in Huaraz

    5 Days, 4 Nights
    Availability : April through November
    Walk in the footsteps of the Incas by exploring part of the Great Inca Trail (Qhapaq Ñan). Few visitors have set foot here so far.
  • Three llamas and hikers among cropfields in the Sacred Valley of Cusco
    a "furry" unique experience

    Inca Road to Huchuy Qosqo with Llamas

    8-9 Hours
    Availability : All year round (Apr-Dec preferably)
    Hiking with llamas through the beautiful landscapes will take you back to Inca times, especially when arriving at the beautiful and well-preserved archeaological site.
  • The Gocta falls (Chachapoyas) from a distance. Sustainable tourism in Peru with RESPONSible Travel Peru
    Meet the "other" Peru

    Exploring Northern Peru’s Spectacular Wonders

    25 Days, 24 Nights
    Availability : All year
    Embark on an extraordinary journey to discover the rarely seen wonders of Northern Peru with our impactful expedition
  • Man and llamas against the impressive backdrop of the Cordillera Blanca in Northern Peru. | Llama Trek Olleros to Chavin with RESPONSible Travel Peru | Photo by Bjorn Snelders
    A spiritual journey through the mountains

    Llama Trek in the Cordillera Blanca: Olleros – Chavín

    3 Days, 2 Nights
    Availability : April-November
    Like pre-Inca peoples you will hike on an ancient road of trade and knowledge-exchange route, accompanied by llamas,