Tours in Nazca, Peru

Nazca is so much more than the impressive Nazca lines! The ancient civilizations have left many amazing sites to visit, the current inhabitants have beautiful plantations to show you and the desert landscapes are the perfect backdrop for many adventures. Explore this amazing region with Impactful Travel’s unique tours in Nazca!

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Travelers and locals playing volleyball together on a visit to the floating Uros Titino islands at Lake Titicaca - Impactful Travel Peru
A slow, local experience

Peru the Local Way: Impactful’s Signature Trip

19-23 Days, 18-22 Nights
This slow & varied itinerary packs some of our best Community-Based Tourism products into a 23-day experience that will create life-lasting memories.
Travelers and local guide arriving to Cantayoc aqueducts on bicycles
Nazca on wheels

Route to the enigmatic aqueducts of Cantayoc on bicycle

4 Hours
On this tour you'll bike to places full of history, archaeological remains still in use and artists who put in value the ancestral art.
The traveler carrying his sand plate from the top of Cerro Blanco | Impactful Travel Peru
Active and Unique

On top of the Nazca desert

4 Days, 3 Nights
A demanding trekking in the Nasca desert with spectacular views and many cultural surprises. Enjoy a unique and challenging terrain!
The dunes take shapes of great beauty and walking on them is a great experience | Impactful Travel Peru
Active and Unique Expedition

Tour the Magical Peruvian Atacama Desert

4 Days, 3 Nights
Enjoy off-the-beaten-path and unique places of the south coast desert, combining natural beauty, wildlife, communities, archaeology and history.