Tours in Guamote, Ecuador

Discover the Cultural Richness of Guamote – Chimborazo

Welcome to Guamote – Chimborazo, a region where the past and the present coalesce in a beautiful tapestry of culture and natural wonders. This is the land that captivated the imagination of explorers like Alexander von Humboldt, and it continues to inspire travelers today. At Impactful Travel, we’re committed to offering you more than just a trip; we offer journeys that resonate with purpose and responsibility. Our Guamote tours are designed to immerse you in the living culture and rich archaeology of this region, all while adhering to sustainable travel practices. For a deeper understanding of this captivating hidden gem of Ecuador, don’t forget to check out our Guamote – Chimborazo Destination Guide.

Below, you’ll find a carefully curated list of our Guamote tours. Whether you’re interested in cultural immersion or archaeological adventures, we’ve got something that aligns with your travel ethos. Probably, you’ll pass by Guamote when traveling from Baños to Cuenca. Choose our Quick Baños through Guamote to Cuenca Cultural Tour if you’re short on time, or spend a little extra for the longer and better version: Baños – Guamote – Cuenca: a Living Culture and Archaeology Trip. At Impactful Travel, we’re all about making your journey meaningful and responsible. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and start planning your next impactful adventure!

If you haven’t found the Guamote – Chimborazo experience that fully captures your imagination, don’t worry. At Impactful Travel, we specialize in creating custom itineraries that are tailored to your unique interests and ethical values. Reach out to us, and let’s collaborate to design a journey through Guamote – Chimborazo and the rest of Ecuador together!

Visiting a textile workshop in Guamote supported by Inti Sisa on a tour from Baños to Guamote by Impactful Travel
A quick immersion in Andean life

Quick Baños to Guamote to Cuenca Cultural Tour

2 Days, 1 Night
A two-day cultural immersion trip from Baños to Cuenca, exploring the indigenous communities of Chimborazo along the way.
Experience local life in Guamote on the Quick Baños to Guamote to Cuenca Cultural Tour by Impactful Travel. Immerse in the culture, history and nature of Ecuador in a responsible way.
Dive into Guamote's indigenous culture!

Impactful Trip from Baños to Cuenca: Indigenous Culture and Archaeology

3 Days, 2 Nights
A spectacular way to travel from Baños to Cuenca, exploring the indigenous communities of Chimborazo along the way.