Sustainable Travel Adventures in Peru

Wild natural landscapes, ancient history, award-winning cuisine, and much else besides — discover magical Peru on one of our sustainable adventures!

Sustainable Travel Adventures in Peru

At Impactful Travel, our mission is to provide visitors to Peru with unforgettable travel adventures in this magical land while improving the living conditions of local people. We are dedicated to crafting sustainable tours and have implemented a business model that puts respect for people and the natural world at the forefront of everything we do.

Individualized Tours for Mindful Travelers

Our years of travel experience go into every one of our tours options. Select a sustainable and unique tour in Peru based on the style of trip you wish to take, and know that we’ll be with you every step of the way! Many of our tours and experiences have elements that can be customized, and we’re always available to share with you our best advice and tips. So, whether you want adventures in wild natural landscapes, to explore the food and drink of Peru, or explore cultural life in Peru’s cities, we have an array of choices for you.

Our attention to detail is unparalleled!

Discover the Wonders of Peru on Community-Based Trips

Community is at the heart of all our work. We are motivated to improve living conditions and create opportunities wherever we journey. Book a day tour or multi-day tour with RESPONS and be confident that you’re traveling with a tour company that endeavors to always be a force for good. 

Stay with host families who will give you a local’s perspective on life in Peru, its history, its extraordinary natural landscapes, and its culture. For example, on our Coffee Route to Machu Picchu tour, you will get to stay in the welcoming homes of local coffee producers. They’ll give you invaluable insights into the local regions and the unique coffee harvested there.

Craft Your Ideal Travel Experience with a Custom Itinerary

We’re immensely proud of the diversity of our tours. They have been shaped directly by our years of experience helping travelers navigate Peru. Accessibility is important to us at Impactful Travel, we want as many people as possible to be able to discover the beauty of Peru.

However, if you don’t find a tour just right for you, we recommend you check out our Peru Trip Planner & Custom Itineraries. Our experienced travel planners listen to your wishes and needs before crafting your trip – all within your budget.

Take the first steps on your dream trip to Peru today!

What Our Impactful Travel Customers Say…

  • “We had three wonderful weeks in Peru. It was all very well organized by RESPONSible Travel Peru. We didn't have to wait, everything went without any problems. We have always felt safe.”
  • “Wonderful trip. Great experience with a family of four with two younger children. After almost 2 YEARS of planning with the team at RESPONSible Travel Peru … we eventually made our trip a reality! Really good balance of "touristy" spots along with homestays and experiences with families across different regions … Wonderful sights and met wonderful people.”
  • “Very good agency, always present during the trip … ready for every request or emergency. They have followed our requests for a particular tour with our 4 small children in this beautiful country of Peru. They helped us experience an unforgettable trip that will stay in our hearts forever. Highly recommend this travel agency!”

Smart Guide to Visiting Peru

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