Caroline Zimmermann

Platform developer & Travel designer

About Carol

Carol came to Peru for the first time in 2019, traveling big parts of the country, form North to South.

Ever since, she told everyone back in Europe that she would move back there one day.

Some people were sceptical, but as soon as the opportunity arouse, she did! Now, she lives a happy life in Cusco, exploring Peru’s mountains whenever she can.

Next to her job at RESPONS, she is still working on her master thesis about environmental learning in Amazon tours.

Carol's Role

Carol is responsible for the new platform. Her tasks are the development of sustainability scores for each tour, uploading and improving tours, writing blogs, meeting with providers and answering travelers’ questions. She has also developed the sustainability scores project. At the same time, Carol is one of our travel designers. As soon as the platform is up and running, she will probably be working more in sales.  

Q&A with Carol

What is your favourite quirk about Peru?

When I’m walking around and have some spare time, I can go and talk to the laundry lady… or the lady on the market… or the man that shortened my belt in his little workshop. Everyone is just willing to talk to you for as long as you stay there, while they attend customers in between. I absolutely love that.

Why did you want to work for Responsible Travel Peru and why is sustainability important to you?

Complete sustainability is difficult to achieve, as it would basically force us to stay at home, doing absolutely nothing. But if we are honest with ourselves, no one would be willing to do that. And I think this is fair, and actually human. Luckily, if tourism is done in the right way, its consequences can be very positive. That is why, I wanted to work for RESPONS. We enable travelers to explore Peru while having the best possible impact on local communities, pristine nature and the unique culture.

What are your strategies to make sure your customers have peace of mind and feel safe?

I think am a good communicator and a fast learner. If there’s anything I don’t know, I research it and have it clear before transmitting it to customers. This way, I can reply to any enquiry and help in any situation from booking to emergencies.