Tours in Baños, Ecuador

Discover Baños: Where Adventure Meets Impact

Welcome to Baños, a captivating blend of Amazonian and Andean wonders. While Baños is undoubtedly a traveler’s paradise, our focus remains on impactful travel. For a deeper dive into what makes Baños special yet challenging for impactful tourism, check out our Baños Destination Guide. If you’re looking for Tours in Baños, Ecuador: read on!

A room at Los Yapas Holistic Center | Impactful Travel in Ecuador
A unique opportunity to learn!

Amazon Permaculture: Experience Los Yapas Holistic Center

1Day, 1 Night
An amazing opportunity to learn about growing food in the Amazon (and the rest of the world!) and enjoying super healthy food. Nurture the […]
Volunteer for a day at the Yanacocha Animal Rescue Center in Puyo, Ecuador. | Impactful Travel
Make a small big difference

Volunteer for a Day: Ecuador Wildlife Rescue Center

Full Day
Join us for an enriching journey into the Ecuadorian Amazon. Volunteering for a day is a great way to contribute to the rescue and […]
The amazing Pailón del Diablo waterfall can be visited on Impactful Travel's Alternative Baños Waterfall Tour from Tena to Baños.
Leave an impact before the fun!

From Tena to Baños – an alternative Baños Waterfall tour

Full Day
The best way to travel from Tena to Baños; learning, getting inspired and leaving a positive impact before the waterfall fun begins!