5 things to do with kids in Cusco

Sometimes too young, sometimes too teen, traveling with kids can be a real challenge as there is really not a perfect age to take them out, but also because of their interests, restlessness, and personality.

So, aiming to tackle the situation by giving you different approaches, here we provide you with a brief list of activities to do with kids while in Cusco. But let’s start with the surroundings:

Awana Kancha – Pisac (South Valley, 1 h from Cusco)

Getting in close contact with animals is normally a good way to drain energy and emotions, so what can be better than to attend a farm full of llamas, alpacas, vicuñas and guanacos, where petting and feeding can take place. 

But Awana Kancha is a lot more than just that. Adults can also be delighted observing the weaving techniques and trying them out themselves in workshops. They can purchase the fabulous products made of the natural fibers of the animals you see outside, and admire the dying arts of ancestral origins.

Awana Kancha Cusco
Just outside of Cusco, you can feed and learn about Llamas and Alpacas

Inkariy Museum – Calca (1.5 h from Cusco)

A museum?… really? 

Well, yes! This is a small but comprehensive display of Peru’s most representative cultures, completely presented visually, so the kids won’t get bored at all. (Actually, next Halloween or carnival your kids might ask for some costumes like the ones they will see at the exhibition).

Of course, adults won’t be missing the real facts, as the Inkariy Museum is a very accurate source of information.

Inkariy Museum Calca
Immerse yourself in Peruvian culture at the Inkariy Museum in Calca!

Planetarium Cusco

Gazing into the stars is something no one can resist, as it is part of our primal behavior. So the little caveman that seems to live within our kids will be pleased. Luckily enough, the planetarium is only a 15- minutes ride away from the city center.

Cusco Planetarium
The Planetarium of Cusco is fascinating for kids and at the same time interesting for their parents.


Once the little caveman is satisfied, the little artist can come out and show all its creativity in a ceramic workshop that is out of the ordinary. Traditional Cusquenian motifs and techniques will be involved in the process of creation, and the resulting personal artwork will be sent to your hotel after leaving the oven. The perfect souvenir to make our little ones proud!   

Totemiq Cusco
At Totemiq, you can create your own personal souvenir that you´ll find in no shop around Peru! © A. Bullard

Chocomuseo (Museum of Chocolate in Cusco city, Pisac and Ollantaytambo)

When thinking about this museum, we start to get thrilled, thinking about devouring chocolate. Actually, if you have kids that are already very active, you might think twice before visiting the Chocomuseo. The extra boost of energy provided by the chocolate will make them unstoppable. However, the smiles provoked by the sweetness of this experience make it absolutely worth it. 

Chocomuseo Cusco
Who doesn´t love chocolate? Right… nobody!

Consider the easy way

We hope that you feel somewhat relieved after reading this article, knowing that there are options for traveling with kids in Cuzco. Now that this is clear, you can finally book your trip and look forward to discovering further family-friendly activities. Of course, there are also many activities to do for more active and older kids, like stand-up paddling mountain biking zip-lining, horse riding, rafting or cooking classes. By the way, we have written another article that might be interesting for you as well. It talks about Peru as a family destination in general.

If you want to receive more information, don´t hesitate to contact us. In case you are too busy with your kids to spend a lot of time on travel planning, you can also make use of our Custom Itinerary Service. In that case, we will do all the work for you, creating your own unique trip to Peru, while you can sit back and relax (or not, because of the kids…).


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