Myrna Lozada

Myrna, one of RESPONSible Travel Peru's travel designers, specializes in assisting travelers to make the best out of their Peru trip

Myrna Lozada

Travel Designer

About Myrna

Myrna is from the beautiful Iguazu, close to the famous Iguazu Falls in Argentina—an inviting natural paradise that captures the hearts of travelers worldwide.

With a background in tourism, Myrna’s career has blossomed to embrace her deep passion for social impact. She has been immersed in meaningful roles within NGOs, even completing specialized courses in the field. Beyond her travels around Latin America, Myrna’s second love is making a positive impact on those in need—whether it’s delivering donations, organizing medical and veterinary campaigns, or bringing volunteers from around the world to the farthest corners of Peru.

As a dedicated travel designer, Myrna delights in creating journeys that immerse travelers in transformative experiences, highlighting the best of Peru or regions in South America, while respecting the environment and local communities. No matter the length of your stay or how unique and out of the box your travel idea is, she will love to make it happen.

Myrna's Role

Travel Designer

Q&A with Myrna

What is your favourite quirk about Peru?

Definitely the llamas—they’re the original drama queens of the Andes, always stealing the spotlight with their fabulous fluff! 🦙✨

Why did you want to work for Impactful Travel and why is sustainability important to you?

Joining Impactful Travel was a natural decision for me. My love for Peru goes beyond culture—it’s about the breathtaking nature and remarkable biodiversity. Preserving this beauty for generations to come is part of the vision of each one of my colleagues, and it’s also mine. Impactful Travel shares this sustainability vision, and by joining them, I get to make a small difference every day. Hoping that, in the grand tale of it all, I leave behind a positive mark.

What things do you do to make sure your customers have peace of mind and feel safe?

I love to ensure the peace of mind and safety of our customers based on my deep knowledge of the region, its communities, and its people. Being a host in this country, I enjoy showcasing the best and treating each customer as if they were my best friends coming to visit home, joyfully offering them the best. I understand the local idiosyncrasy and the best practices to guarantee safe and enriching experiences. Moreover, by working closely with local communities throughout South America, we ensure that our trips are respectful, authentic, and secure. The hospitality, joy, and solidarity of the Latin people are incomparable, and I want our customers to experience not only the beauty and comforts of the country they visit and those we represent but also to connect with the most important aspect – the warmth and kindness of its people.