5 bike tours in Lima that we love!

Bike tours in Lima these days offer a wide array of choices for all tastes and there are certain experiences that are ´must do´ because they are truly exceptional. Here, we give you our list of the top 5 bike tours in Lima that are sure to cater to every traveller.


This gentle tour takes you around the Miraflores and San Isidro neighborhoods, allowing you to get to know places that contrast dramatically within the metropolis: the prehispanic truncated pyramid Huaca Pucllana, for example, or the former olive plantation that nowadays is considered one of the most beautiful parks in Lima. How about a sweet treat and a refreshing drink to get you ready for the next journey? The tour couldn´t end without cruising the Arequipa avenue, the main cycleway in town, and having a stunning view of the ocean.

Biking in Miraflores
Briefing before starting the tour in Miraflores

This tour can be taken either in the morning or in the afternoon and takes about 3 hours.


This is a classic and relaxed tour through the most tranquil and attractive neighborhoods of Lima, in search of the ancient “Huacas” (prehispanic pyramids) of Miraflores and San Isidro that still stand proud through the ages. The cherry on top is the yoga session at the end of the tour at the unbeatable El Olivar park.

Tourists at the Olivar Park in San Isidro – Lima

It takes only 3 hours to do this tour and you won’t stray far from the downtown. In the end, you will be in a relaxed and happy mood to go about the rest of your plans.


To many, this is the perfect combination of physical activity, delicious flavors, and incredible sights. The idea is to visit different spots around the city (Surquillo – San Isidro – Miraflores – Barranco) to get carefully selected bites from a variety of food establishments. This tour offers an out-of-the-ordinary tasting experience among the almost infinite array of dishes and preparations that can be found in Lima, the primero gastronomic destination in Latin America.  

The route can vary depending on if it’s a weekday or weekend and it has a duration of 3 hours. It is possible to adapt the tasting to almost all food restrictions or wishes of the customers.

Side by side

This tour shows the varied influences in architecture that can be witnessed in the city, as you will cycle across several iconic neighborhoods and stop at places where most tourists tend not to go. Many attractions will be seen on the way, as well as at the beautiful colonial downtown. A great way to orient yourself within the city.

Tourists arriving at Lima downtown
Tourists in Lima Downtown

Approximate 7 hours will be needed to complete the tour. You should feel comfortable riding the bike in a busy city like Lima to participate in this one.

Art in Barranco

A brand new tour that takes you to a trendy museum of art in the most vibrant neighborhood, Barranco. Street art will be all around you and the grand finale will come with a yoga session while facing the ocean.

Passengers riding a bike around Barranco - Lima
Tourists around Barranco – Lima

After these 3 hours, you will have earned a greater appreciation of the arts of the hippest part of the city.

We always recommend having a light breakfast or at least a sufficient meal before taking any of the tours, despite none of them representing a major physical effort.

Also, remember to take with you your preferred sunblock, as Lima is a city with high UV radiation even during winter. Mats are included in the yoga tours.

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